Watch this

dig it. nuf said.

the mothership

i don't like the color of the shirt. i'm a fan of black shirts so i would definitely buy this if it were ona blac shirt.


please dont steal art from other people. i.e. the Fort Minor cd cover art.
Be original don't steal.


aw ...damn that sux that you copied it..other wise id love it


ladyz----should be lazy B----you suck for that, and you call yourself an artist. Copy these!!!!


hey guys, this design is not stolen!it´s an one year old design whith i made for uni. I´m sorry for all front minor fans, but i have never seen a cd cover like this


It is very very similar. If it's your hand that made it cool and 5.


fort minor and linkin park suck


What could be better than a skull explosion?? Ash Gray shirt and it's in my closet!


I don't like I don't like the color really.

& it does look very very very close to fort minor's album cover.

but I'd probably get it anyways.


LOVE THIS. i'd buy 247298347 of them just to show support. for def uh nut lay.


BOOOOO i'm so sick of skulls and guns and guitars and the like.

nothing against you though.


wow, i'm so disappointed that you stole this.
i was about to give it a 5 and everything.

hey sonny jim, next time, actually come up with a sub of your OWN.


i was gonna give you a 5, too. oh well.


Yea, if it's not stolen, it definately has a huge influence from that cd cover. 2


skulls suck, i always vote them 0.


I see the resemblance to the CD cover, but I don't think it's close enough to qualify as anything more than inspiration, and definitely not stealing. Still, I'm not a fan of skulls or the combination of bright pink and white, so I'd never wear it.


"i see the resemblance"


fuk this. im a skull whore & even i dont wanna be considered a ft. miner fan.



Reichl, at 5:50pm on May 12, 2006
hey guys, this design is not stolen!it´s an one year old design whith i made for uni. I´m sorry for all front minor fans, but i have never seen a cd cover like this

are u sure? if you actually look at all the faces on the cd cover, they're exactlyy the same. i wouldn't get it even if it wasn't taken, but saying you never saw the cover is hard to believe. no need to deny.


ooooooooooooooooooh thats were i saw it. i still love it and besides i like fort miner.



woah. sorry i compared the two...there is at least one particular spot that looks nearly the same. i can't give you anything for that one.


Very cute, although the placement is a bit strange in my opinion.


It may be stolen (in fact there's a good chance) but I still like it. A 3 for the design and a 5 for a nice use of plagiarism.


As an artist I also find that threadless commentors say that everything is copied either in style wise or look and feel of the t shirt! Every time that has been claimed about me, I have no idea what people are talking about and have never seen the art in question! Once some wise guy claimed I had copied an image because it featured a DJ and a girl? What!?! Does that mean that no-one else may illustrate a dj? I saw the original and not only was it rubbish, but nothing like mine! Give Reichl a break, not everyone has all day to trawl the internet with nothing better to do!!!! 5


i love this, $5, but i think you should spread them out more


I love this! $5

Habbit Designs

make it an allover print - good stuff


I changed my vote to ZERO. You suck because you stole this (from a crappy band, nonetheless).


whoa siouxsi, chill out. all art is inspired by something. you think the Great Creator of the world cared that we painted trees if the Great Creator made the trees? Did the Great Creator get angry that we painted It's trees? you needa chillll.


i totally agree with spzero76, some people just have way too much time on their hands - Reichl this design is great, i can see the resemblance to the Fort Minor CD cover but you still get a big phat 5

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