The Three Wise Men

The three wise men broughtbaby Jesus gifts of gold, frankenscence, and roundhouse kicks.

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Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

could use some textures... they seem too flat and static, also, Steven Seagal looks like Marlon Brando, oh and rather than Arni... for a full on american martial arts theme Wesley Snipes or Jean Claude Van Damme would have worked better.


I thought JC VanDamme.


i thought it was vandamme too.... who thought it was arnold? thats wacky.


steven segal sucks, but the shirt is cool


Yea its in order left -Right: Segal, Van Damme, Chuck.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

for the love of god, stop with the chuck norris shit.....

Salsa Shark

Seriously, ENOUGH. It wasn't funny to begin with.

herky profile pic Alumni

the steven segal caricature is great.


dude ! if you make this better like make the faqces better it would be hilarious


the middle face is hard to tell who it is...
Im not a huge fan of it in general though, but maybe thats because i hate chuck norris jokes

King Vio

Bruce Lee > Seagal, Van Damme, and Norris combined

I'm feeling the design, although I'd strongly prefer other martial arts stars.


macgyver wins


tiger obrien

i don't know why, but i can't resist segal movies. i know they'll stink, but i can't get away. so i have to give this a 5. its funny too. can you imagine all of them in a movie together? AMAZING IDEA

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