The Skullflower

it's to simplist

Watch this

Well, it's a very cute skull. If i wore skulls I would wear this shirt.


I like it in blue on gray.


Does it actually say "the skull flower on it" If not i'm actually quite a fan. With the full flower, not the half thing, thats confusing. And i agree with the above color statement.

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Thanks for the feedback (although "boos" don't tend to help me improve much). As designed it would NOT say "skullflower" on the shirt -- just to clarify

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i like the shading you've got going on, subtle, simple, yet effective and everything. but skulls are quite played out. but i do like your style, so please come back with some non played out subject matter, and i will probably be diggin it. alot.


I agree--very well drawn, but I'm n0t a skull fan--way overused.

However, the idea of the skull, a symbol of death, in a flower is interesting and thought provoking and I also agree that you should keep on submitting. I'm bound to love some of your designs soon =)


this design is probably one of my favorite skull designs. Nice job !



as in The Sound of Animals Fighting?


again a psydo skull....0$


i'm not a big fan of skulls, but these look pretty nice. And it's a design that works on a wall


i like


Who do you thik you are The Sound Of Animals Fighting?


since when are flowers and skulls such a great combination?

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Sorry I hadn't heard of "The Sound Of Animals Fighting" till now -- I'll check em out though -- seem strange but cool...


I like it because it's basic. Not every single shirt in one's wardrobe has to be screaming with a lot of nonsense. And by Jove, some of us out here STILL LIKE SKULLS. Just like there are different fabrics, different ways of sewing on pockets, different ways of retooling the mundane, there are different ways to draw a skull. While lots of people don't like skulls at all, some people like skulls but won't necessarily buy every shirt that has a skull on it. This is one of the only skull submissions I've seen that I like, primarily for its simplicity and well-excecuted artwork.

Anyhow, that went on for a while. I'm new here and I guess I'm just sick of seeing "BOOO! OVERPLAYED!!!" from a bunch of hipster asshats every other submission. 5$


but the last skullflower was perfection... this one doesnt appeal as much...


red and orange is the best


quite possibly the raddest thing ever, totally a $5


lambie83, at 8:33pm on May 8, 2006

Well, it's a very cute skull. If i wore skulls I would wear this shirt.

Translation: I like it, but it's not cool to like skulls on threadless.

What a bunch of sheep...


I like it the gradation of colour andodd skull shape make it work. Ii don't even do skulls. I'd buy it.


I like it simple, it's a 5


i don't like the skull thing and never have, but I can see people wearing it... mayve girls more than guys
I like the gradient as well.


skull is cute, but it doesn't look good as a flower.

december faded

ugh, kind of sick and it seems like one of those weird pokemon little power puff people shirts, sorry, im just not going for this one, but to put it out there straight, your shirt isnt to cool


Love it.


like it in both the blues


The simpicity makes it very nice to look at. And since skulls are pretty much the only thing I wear, I would no doubt by this shirt. 5.


That's a pretty neat skull!


only shirt i've given a five to.


less than 3!!!!

love it on orange and red shirts.


I love this.


awwwwwwwww the little skull is so cute


That is pretty Cool. I'd totally wear it


Adorable. I would consider stocking this.


cute, but i don't think i'd wear it. and what would you do with blik? just a bunch of skull flowers? i don't know if it would look good repeated more than a few times.


Love this, if I had seen it during voting it would have been $5

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