Spitting Fire

This is an illustration I was inspired to create after seeing it preformed live. The 4 unique colors used are; black, brown, yellow, & red.

I enjoy it most on Natural, but I feel it works well on Gold and Classic Pink as well.

Any & all constructive comments are welcome.

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I like the style, but I'm not sure how many others wiil, as it seems that most on here like the more clean and cut look. I adore it, however 8D


Loking good, almost like you used this shirt as a canvas,
And yes Natural is the color for this

A Softer World

Colors are good but it feels too cartoonish for me. Plus the ball of fire doesn't really look like a ball of fire. Nice concept though.


i like this a lot!

M.C. B.creative

"Plus the ball of fire doesn't really look like a ball of fire."

True, it isn't a typical illustration style for a ball of fire. I created it this way to convey the energy within the fire - rather than creating a typical 'flame' shape.

Keep the comments coming! :)


I think the best part about this design is the sheer fact that you didn't create a 'typical flame shape.' I would have never even considered it to not look like fire. That, to me, is probably the best rendition of what fire looks like in reality than any typical flame shape. Incidentally, a typical flame shame would make it look even more cartooney, a softer world.


BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

Yeah, I love the way the fire looks.


i dig the illo.


Beautiful. Five and buy buy buy.


I love it. The sketchiness is great, but maybe the fire should be a bit more sparse towards the ends. Great design.


very nice

placement is good but I wonder how it would look if the guy was on the side blowing fire into the middle


I very much love this and wish I could buy it now. Maybe in a gray, maybe. But I really like it alot. It does seem that the majority of the deisgns that get chosen are the "clean cut" out look. I think great designs like this one could add a little more variety to the jumping rabbits or goofy animals that are most often seen. It is refreshing to see a design that works and is within the limitations that is also a step away from the "template" look. Very well done M.C.

p.s. I like the funny animals and rabbits too. I am not talking those deisgns down. Let's face it, at least they're taking a chance on their deisgns. I think we all are. Everyome should be proud of their work.


I think this is an awesome design. I was wondering how it would look if you moved the guy to the lower lefthand corner and extended the flames to come across the chest, but I think it looks better where you placed it.

M.C. B.creative

Thanks for all the great comments & feedback guys n gals. I hope to hear more!


give the fire a bit more definition?Maybe a little more orange than red. Otherwise, you are really talented. Keep it up!


this is rocking... i like it a bunch


very cool, I love the illustration, maybe the postitioning should be alittle lower (i'm just partial to designs that aren't cliche right on the chest). but all around sweet


Very, very NICE!!! Congratulations!!.................5


Not too sure about this one... I threw up confetti once, too.


I like how it creates an interesting vanishing point.

Cøpenhagen Bluė

the style is perfect without looking unnatural and cheap. definitely worth my money.


I would wear this all the time. It's really hot + sexy. $5


that's flippin' great! wow! this design has earned you some mad steeze! $5 just like that!

timrb profile pic Alumni

did you use any filters on this?


It made me say "wooww!"

M.C. B.creative

timrb, at 7:10pm on May 13, 2006
did you use any filters on this?

No, no filters.

I started with a gesture drawing / proportion study on pencil and paper... and then used that as my basis for line placement stylization. I drew over my gesture drawing in Illustrator using the pen tool.

After I was happy with the black outline, I added color by creating several layers behind the black outlines & using the pen tool to draw the shape I needed to fill the areas I wanted color added to.


i thought he was puking before i read the title.


so great! love how crinkly it all looks. $5

Hayley Herself

Wow this is really nice, great job on the illustration!



i like the stlye. a 4

Garnel Hougo

you sure about the no filters...Auto Trace Tool in Illustrator will do the same thing in about a thrid of the time.


ugly i can see my piano teacher wearing this


It's great. That graphic is one of those "there's something about that design"'s. I'd buy it.

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