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This Nightmare Won't Last Long

  • by teametc
  • posted May 04, 2006

i love the angle this person is at and the ground plane, i think this is a very cool design, keep up the good work

Watch this

she got fucked up ey? 5


i like this
aiden fan by any chance?


i don't see what's emo about it.
i like it. 5


i agree, on the whole emo thing. it is.

i was emo last year, and i wouldve bought this shirt in a heartbeat.


Interesting and well done, but too disturbing and morbid to have on MY shirt, but I can see other people really diggin this. Seems a bit plain though, have you considered implementing some subtle colors?

really liking the shades and er... shading

nerdical nurse

This is pretty fucking cool. I'd buy it in an instant. Yay for a newish perspective. :)


Maybe take away one of the greys and make the tendril-roots reddish...?

sheriff wendee

this shirt is definitelly NOT emo
these days everything is emo, but there are only a few real ones, the rest of em are just a bunch of people with no fashion style of their own

sheriff wendee

and by the way i really really really like the shirt


great angle...and style. five-$


theres nothing emo about it,
i think its ironic and drawn very well.
keep up the good work :)

jenna michele

i really really like it.
i think the name says a lot.
really good.


"this nightmare won't last long" and a chick who did a lougainis onto the concrete?

nothing here says irony, everything says emo. very lovely and well done, but let's keep our emo denial at bay kids.


people bash the term "emo" alot


oh !! très jolie, bravo !! et un petit + 5 !!!


this reminds me of the people who died by jumping out of the World Trade Center. :(


I like the artwork, but I don't know if I'd wear it as a shirt. This is a case where art is imitating real life too much; so many women are victimised all over the world. It could be a little controversial to some people.


she's straight up chillen'. kudos brotha!


love it! Abit sick, buts that why i like it so much. 5$

Big Ed

Are you people actually applauding a shirt that depicts a suicide or a murder or both?


Because I can't imagine I'd want to be sporting around in a shirt that has a picture of my little brother hanging from the bedroom rafters where we found him. There's NOTHING about that horrifying incident that says to me, hey, what a great idea for a shirt!! Wow, maybe I can also remind others of their friends/family members who took their own lives or died tragically and hurt everyone they left behind!! I can't wait to buy/wear this!!



another dead girl

This shirt kicks major ass. I love the design, but then again I'm a huge Aiden fan. Thanks for rmembering the emo kids


This reminds me of Un Chien Andalou for some reason. And after doing some research on Aiden, I wish that had been your true motivation.


Dunno if I'd wear it, but I love the design.


I LOVE DEATH....soI piss 5$


great great great great great!! very original work here!!


Threadless <3s suicide.


Lovely illustration, creepy image. 5

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