Tree City

I hate this city.

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sheriff wendee

This is fucking amazing! printprintprint


love the design. too big on the shirt. diggin it tho. great job!


what city is this suppose to be?

love the size

overall excellent


this reminds me of the cover of the Self Against City CD...pretty cool design


This is an awesome design, but I wish it wasn't boxed in. Maybe do a version that blends into the shirt more? This would be a really cool poster though :-D


wow this is amazing but I was thinking the same thing about not being boxed in. :)

Defeated Amoeba

Really nice work, I love the distressed look and overall quality is nice. I could go either way on the boxed in look. It's all subjective anyway.


Is that a tree?

Although this one is a little more interesting than the rest and it's well designed so I'll give you a 4.

R_G profile pic Alumni

not nice over orange, change t shirt color, nice graphic


lovely!! keep the box, make it a little smaller and I'm sold!


That tree is awesome! I'm not sold on the box though.


I agree wholeheartedly with " kellybelly223" in that you have sculpted an amazing design, but it is being forcefully restricted to the shape of a rectangle. It’s almost as your city wants to be free to sprawl where it pleases. Just take away the border and allow this beautiful piece of yours to flow so that it is more pleasing to the eye (when on a T-shirt). However, I certainly enjoy the red paint splatter toward the bottom and the vast size of the tree when in contrast to the city, for they give the piece a great feel of balance. Other than that small detail (of the border) I’d buy it. +5 I hope to see more of your work soon!


try for his/her inspiration. lol. scott hansen all the way, minus the minging colors.


yeah, iso50 was the very first thing I thought of as soon as the image loaded.
the colours are a bit harsh. the orange really does nothing for the design, it looks a hundred times better on white.
right now it kind of looks like a poster stuck on to a shirt. but it could definitely be improved with a little work, so 2.

teametc profile pic Alumni

this is brilliant as a print, because of the border, but if it wasnt in a box it would be AWESOME as a shirt, i give it a 4 as it is but it would get a 5 if the design was open!


sigh this is just breathtaking ;)



thanks for all of the constructive crit. it's really making me aware of the points that are being brought up. much love.


I keep thinking there's

An Erection at the Intersection

I think a viewer's attention will
hardly focus on the tree as much
as on the protuberance.


Cool. Not sure about the sexual aid in the background though

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

I actually quite like the boxed in compostition.... its gives it a very solid feel where as a blended in design would lose its strength, i say keep the box and just print it

Joan Burroughs

I agree with helo and tripel.
I'd like it better without the big phallic thing.


this is really pretty, actually


About the phallic comment, I get what you guys are talking about, but I never would have seen it had it not been pointed out. I guess the eyes see what the mind craves.


ew not orange. put it on light blue

mini dukes III

I like it, but not necessarily the orange shirt or the thick line around the box.


It's a nice piece of art (except for the arch, I don't really get that bit) but I wouldn't want it on a t-shirt. It's a bit Burton Menswear. Maybe getting rid of the boxyness would help?


holy crap i love this

but pleaseeee take away that box. :]


a $5 if you lose the box. but i LOVE this...

Ava Adore

lose the box, and the 'erect' looking thing lol.
maybe have it in another shape, because it does look good but not that shape


$% if you change the shirt colour to the brown used in the border. now that would be hot.


yeah, i keep seing a giant penis behind that tree.


People seem to love penis around here. Fair enough. If your mind wants penis that badly, then thats what your eyes will see. :)


agree with kelly belly


i love this.


i love this its amazingly cool. but i totally agree with DigitalDaiquiri.
the box around the design needs to be taken away and the design needs to flow into the shrit more.
also, another color besides orange for the shirt might be nice. i dont really wear orange all that much. this shirt might be a good time to start though. haha well i love it
but deff get rid of the box.


its cool but lose the background and put a reguler sky in those colours

Private Asylum

i think i'm in love with it .. but i don't know how i feel about it on a shirt? i'd go crazy for it as a painting or print. 5.


like it but not orannnnge.


i adore this, except for the box!
resubmit it without the box, and maybe ahve the shirt be that dark red-ish brown-ish colour.


I have to agree, no orange. I'd buy this if the color of the t-shirt was better.


Please no orange, and also get rid of the rectangle


what's up with all the tree designs??

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