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tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

clever. any other hidden words in there?


the chances of there not being any other words is pretty low... I'm afraid wearing this would attract a lot of touching and staring. hmmm. $5


thats a very cute idea. I really like the print set again the dark blue.




I like the idea, but put other words in there, that would be fun!


there are other words in there...maybe

Big Ed

I like it but I think the design is rather tall. In other words, lose the bottom 5 or 6 rows of letters and it would look more proportionate.


I agree with Big Ed, it would look better if it were a bit shorter. I'd almost buy the shirt just to look for more words. ;D


yeah they're usually squares. good idea though:)


as to comments on the shape of the puzzle, think about the design in context with the t-shirt.


can this shirt come with an answer key? kiddin'
well not really.

But I love the concept. seek knoledge indeed.


that's clevver.
I like it a LOT.

owen skyser-gray

as little colors as there are, i dont like the colors.
at least not the blue.
but good idea

montmont profile pic Alumni

nice idea, I'm not so sure about the typeface and colour however, but yeah, word finders are cool

would work if there was no indication as what word was to be found


if you really wanted attention, put this on your shirt and just a checklist of things to find. You would have people really paying attention to your boobs all day long.

Andy_Mason profile pic Alumni

crash... fox... fax.. ray


square wordsearch would be better.


it's quite large...maybe not so long.


I'd like it a square, yes.


If there are no other words pertinent to the design, a square wordsearch would be more effective.


It's way too plain for my taste... Good idea, though.


wow i would so do this crossword during civics class.... just another distraction to those with ADD. Congrads!! From all those who are like me and have beat the system of paying attention. Love the shirt! $5.

Private Asylum

interesting. not something i'd wear, though. 5.


I love the idea but not so keen on the colour


I like it. Chop off about five or so rows at the bottom and make the red oval look more like a hand-drawn circle and I'll really like it.



needs other words (like pitfalls on the way to knowledge) and maybe a bit of explanatory text


I personally LIKE the length of the wordsearch. I always hated when there were long words in little boxes. if you cut off a few lines, "KNOWLEDGE" would be hella obvious and not as much something to be sought.

Very awesome all around. 5$

Brett F.

i think other words would be nice, i also think an answer key with words that AREN'T in there would be clever. words like ... hope


there is no hope...
bum bum bum

i might submit something like that if you don't take it first


Way too big, I suggest less spacing between letters and making it a square instead of a rectangle, also making the letters slightly smaller


touching and staring can be good things


Hmm I wonder what other words are hiding....

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