Good Vibration

  • by jpiatt
  • posted May 02, 2006


Watch this

reminds me of better days.555555555555555555555$

mini dukes III

Without text, it would be great. But not on white.


beautiful! love it! would be cool to see some other color choices. but the design is fresh.


Sorry but i can't tell who this guy is, maybe it was before my time


its like this design was cut out of his fro.
i dont know.


i have no idea what the hell i just said. scrap it.


Hm. I don't know. 3


The text is feminin but the image is masculine. Not that it matters because I don't like the concept and design, just to let you know you have used incorrect text and the off-centre thing is no good either.


sweet, but make the background...less...squareish...ummm...i dunno


im absolutly in love with this shirt PRINT PRINT PRINT!!!



^ That's so heteronormative, hehehe. :P

The font is fine.


yeah that "hehehe" person is obviously a psychopath who know's nothing about art or design. the comments that user leaves are ranndom and hateful. clearly they have no style. in this design the font is really cool. the design is right on. i hope this one makes it to print.


omg is that michael before his supposed vitaligo set in??? lma-oh, i am le dumbe...


i like it on white personally. it gives all the focus to the design. sweet.


mossaia: "heteronormative"? Please speak English if you are going to reply (I hope you are just trying to be funny). violetvoid: "masculine" and "feminine" when used as terms to define design refer to the style and have nothing to do with physical gender. Do not say I know nothing of design when you obviously have not attended a design class (or at least a good one), otherwise you would have known this. As I said before the text and image are clashing due to the fact that they are conflicting styles regardless of how "cool" you think it is. bluelucy (designer), even though I do not care for the concept (Not saying it is bad), I gave you educated CONSTRUCTIVE criticisim regardless of what ignorant people might think looks "cool".


hey hehehe (aka bob or scott, depending which day it is)! Can't wait to see your submissions. That is if you have the balls to place some on here to be reamed by the peanut gallery. CONSTRUCT a design for some CONSTRUCTIVE advice.


^^who do you think you are spitting crap out for no reason? I obviously know alot more of design than you (look at the colors he used on his design, they were very bad and I informed him as many others did too and now he's mad!). I gave you constructive criticism but obviously you cannot take any and would rather be patronized and lied to. I also gave professional advice for this designer, the two guys I referred to had no clue of design terms and were telling me I don't know what I'm talking about. That is truly pathetic.


i have reasons and they are the fact that you seem to nail each design with a negative energy that no other critic does. no hard feelings, but it just would be nice to see what you can do (website url, links, etc) before i or anyone takes any criticism from a name like "hehehe." seriously, though. geez. i had no idea that color had anything to do solely with design, or that this site was the be all, end all to design heaven. if you look at my profile, i did take some advice and placed new designs up with some new content and color options. you can put your fire poker out now.


Saying it is 'incorrect' IS patronising and more than a little rude because whether it works or not is just subjective.

I'd personally never wear this sort of image because its not my style, colour or theme, but I wouldn't be as presumptious as to say it is 'no good' just because I don't like it.

ART IS SUBJECTIVE. If you're dishing out your opinions as if they were carved in the Art and Design bible you're obviously going to come across as a total asshat.


excuse me, "hehehe" it is... Chad and I are professional artists. We only take constructive advice from other professionals.
You can say all you want on here... much like the rest. Comments written by designers who have visible art online always make us think.
Comments from blind unknown places make us laugh.
Thanks for all your wildly entertaining comments.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

saying you only take constructive advise from other professionals sounds a bit elitist... but i digress.

it's a safe design. i like the color combos. but mostly i like the beach boys song.


elitist? not at all. it's just - in this type of forum - where you have have no idea of the source... how can you take any of it seriously?


"Good Vibrations" is a rather well-known sex-store chain over here in the SF Bay Area.

check out

They are well-known because their stores/products are classy and mostly cater to women. They're a SF based company, so anybody in the Bay Area will likely know about it and associate such a t-shirt with the company.

"Positive Vibrations", on the other hand, would be a reference to reggae/rastafari/Bob Marley.


it's got flav.


hehehe is just a hater, do you partner!


regardless the design is to appeal to the masses of which you are not a part, feminine or not the ish will sell.

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