we roll deep

this would be radder if it wasnt black on white. awesome illustration tho.

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This would improve to the MAXXX with color.

Big Ed

I'd love to see just the design on the back as the front design. It's simpler and it still gets the point across.
Either way, funny stuff.


I'm pretty sure that it's meant to be on color. It's just that the Flash broke when Threadless overlaid the zoom feature.


no text and color is necessary


the back is awesome. i get it a $5 with color

click clack


Color my little peeps! Nice design.


yo this logo is the shiznite, big ups to the designer. HE got mad game. White on black looks nasty, best way to go hands down!!! I'd buy this but im broke, nucka nucka nucka.

mini dukes III

Jesus, that is hilarious. It would look better with colour; try a light gray and yellow, orange, or light blue outline for the birds.

little_g_design profile pic Alumni

No text and add color $5. Love the peeps idea. I was rolling one around in my head but mine sux. Yours is awesome.


we need color!


"back slap *, i take care of business, call you Frank Purdue the way you take care of chickens"

it rules di_ggler, hella nice


this is whicked! gangsta to the hizzal.. haha


a little blah without color. but I do like the design.


Cool except REMOVE TEXT!!! Nobody knows what "rollin deep" is except for gangsters, and which gangster exactly is going to wear this? Remove text, it is done in crappy text anyway, maybe if you did it in the "vato" real gangster text or some other text like that.


i don't care about the text/colour. this is frickin awesome! i really hope this gets printed! $5

Rob Green

i like the placement on the back. but i dont like the front at all.


Also, it doesn't make as much sense without rollin' deep, since the phrase is "rollin' deep with ma peeps." So I'd keep the text.


Nuh day nuh hah dollah Dog! This design is the crackerbomb. I love it and will buy many. Yo yo yo yo yo go Dog!

Gold finger

Cute! I can't wait to buy some. You the Man di_ggler!


hey, i hate to beat a dead horse, but you need



I like it. Very good. 5$


oh my goodness. this is HILARIOUS. color please!??!?!?


this is off the hook. i didnt laugh, but i smiled big and my heart felt warm. five and buy


I'd like more color and a stronger drawing. Nice appealing idea!


I have no idea what you mean by "peeps" so I don't think I get the joke?
Still, taking the piss out of gangstaz is always good.
I'd be proper bo without text and on a different colour shirt. Colour might work too, but I'm not sure it needs it.


love the concept... but yes... color would be good. white t-shirts = no.


Pimpfly Brother! I love this and it is most effective in black and white.
I give a 5. Nukka Nuka Nukka. You da Mighty, Mighty D___y Man!


I love this design! $5... very simple yet works well without lots of colors


hahahah, i love the illustration, that's awesome
not sure about the text... definetely put it on a color tee and it would be a 5$ for sure!

R_G profile pic Alumni

very nice like a lot


makes me hungry for peeps! Love it


I see a lot of people asking for color, just here to be an advocate for NO COLOR! IT WILL RUIN IT! But don't you think the text isn't in the right style? It should look like a gangster would have it, right? Still think its better w/o though cuz its all understood.


Lose the text and this will be awesome.


Even if you didn't think they looked like Peeps, birds make the noise "peep." First thing I thought of was "This should be called 'Rollin' Peep." Not to mention the fact that peeps is rap slang for people or friends, as was mentioned earlier, so "Rollin' Deep with my Peeps" would work, too.

Anyway, it's awesome.


very cute, just needs color. 5


hey di, i think that was really rude of you to "get back" at me by posting this.

di_ggler, at 3:47pm on May 3, 2006
this design is better than any of yours

because in my blog, NO WHERE did i say i am the greatest designer on the planet, and NO WHERE in my comment on your submission did i say your design is terrible, so why turn right around a few minutes after i posted and leave a scathing comment? it seems so ridiculous just because i left another comment about the color. if you don't like hearing that, you don't have to listen. but retaliating is not only impolite, but it's immature. just for the record, i gave your design a 4, if that makes you feel any better, but now i'm not so sure you deserve it.

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