Lost in Space

  • by pandyora
  • posted Apr 29, 2006

My first submission. On the downside, I had originally intended to use rounded curves but my drawing tablet is on the fritz. On the upside, there are no skulls, guns, hearts, pandas, fruits, butterflies, or cuss words in the submission. Hope you enjoy...

Watch this

nice. but I suggest you different shirt colors. 3


the red part on the left kinda looks like texas


one tip for submitting: don't apologise for things. it gives a bad impression.


Like it. Maybe because I also think it looks like Texas on the left side.


I like it, for all the reasons you stated (cept pandas, pandas can do whatever they want, even be an overused design cliche in my opinion:). I suppose it's not good to say "on the down side" probably would't been better if you just said you were working on a rounded version too or something. Anyway, good work but colors to me not my bag or red is too thick /too much or something.

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where's space when you need him? I mean there's a shirt for him and everything.


borderline Be-dazler material. I would never wear it/


It actually reminded me a lot of Keith Haring, which was kinda cool.


yeah, first thing i thought was texas


I like the linework, but not the cookie-cutter stars. The stars on the right look especially unnatural; are we time-warping?


he's not really apologizing, just explaining. apologizing around threadless is going "I know it sucks, but...."

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reminds me of a Keith Haring drawing


The intent of this is really really great.
I think the color choices could be drastically improved, and that the composition aught to be a little further down, with the stars a little more spread out, rather than implying such a squarish border.

Just my two cents : \<br />
Keep it up!


new color for the city and $5, especially if it's on navy (and i does look a bit like texas...)


Yeah, is there a reason it looks like Texas?


maybe on a different color shirt. like white. but move it down a little. its too close to the collar i think.


pretty cool, the maze design adds to the concept of being lost. i like.


Texas in Space.

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bad colors

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