ohh eee ohh

  • by d3fective
  • posted Apr 28, 2006

makes me want a glass of milk too!

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Dan Jenstad

i like the idea quite a bit, but i think the color of the cookie throws me off. I guess it helps distinguish it from an oreo. Also, the arrow in the center is confusing. If the cookie is being pulled apart, shouldn't the arrow show that? Right now it feels (to me) as though the arrow is saying that you should put the two halves together. Just my two cents. I like the idea.


I agree about the middle oreo. I would like an oreo ice cream treat now.

little_g_design profile pic Alumni

I'm hungry. I agree about the arrow in the middle. I think it should be pointing in both directions to illustrate the "pull apart" aspect of twisting and eating an Oreo. Otherwise I really like this one.


I just ate some Oreos. This makes me want more.


ew. thats the kind of cookie i would find underneath my dorm desk at the end of the year. please clean it up.


Well I think the arrows are showing that the top is being twisted off...that's how I always got the pieces apart. Godd design, I also think that color of the cookie should be different. Just my two cents.

Brett F.

what's with the middle arrow?? are you pushing them back together after pulling em apart??

i think the arrows are contrasting, and you don't even need the middle one at all.


you twist and you pull. thats the direction you pull.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i can't help but want to complete your "ohh eee ohh" with a "killer tofu"

mezo profile pic Alumni

Nice illustration, very sleek...would make for a nice piece on a train.


that's weird, that's two oreo subs i've seen today...


and i second the "killer tofu" I heart doug.


Not funny, obviously not original. This is crud.


I like this idea, but I want the cookies to be darker, and the style to be like the graphics in an airplane safety pamphlet. Maybe add hands? A nice bold design with good colors.


killer tofu! lol
haven't heard that in ages. we torment each other at work with the doug theme song :D

good illustration, but I think it's better suited to commercial work. It would look great in a print ad or something.

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