• by bobbyhill
  • posted Apr 28, 2006

way to much here. Crop a little under the top gun to leave some of the red and put it in abottom placement like the mother nature shirt and it would go off.

Watch this
Big Ed

There are too many big splotches of solid color.


What is with all these guns and hearts??
Interesting design, but I'm tired of seeing this content.


its a nice design, but it looks so rectangular shaped.


Don't say it! Don't anyone say that three letter word...

Yes I agree with i'm not jane, it looks too boxed off... try making it spread out a bit more. It has potential.


before i saw the design, the name just labels it 'hAwt eMo stRAIGHTedge scEnE kiD'


i love this design for some reason.


This looks like someone just discovered the shapes in Photoshop.


Yeah, this kinda style is really overdone and seeing as I never wore it on a t-shirt when it was fashionable, it is highly unlikely I'll want to wear it now....


please, to the high school kid who designed this, really work on this for a few more weeks or just do something completely different...


Ooh, cliche. :D


There are so many negative comments. I like it, even if it isn't perfect.


i'd like a bottom left placement better

No duh

I like it

Oxford XVII


kenny poptart

yeah, same. Agree with jazzed. WAY too overdone and the stupid "i'm so sxe and awesome I use Xs" thing is really starting to piss me off. Props to indigoglass too.


hmm i dont really like it.


a little bit busy, but i like the red on black..nice job..a little cliche tho...

mezo profile pic Alumni

You know when you go out to dinner and eat a full meal but can't stop yourself from ordering dessert even though you shouldn't? So you get the triple decker chocolate heartattack cake and polish it off like a madman in complete denail of your bulging, protesting gut.

In retaliation, your guts tells you to 'eff off' and now the gagging commences. You go to run to the bathroom to spew, but can't make it and the result is a horrid mess on your shirt consisting of a lot of shit. And the rest of the patrons at the restaurant stare at you in absolute disgust.

THAT is what THIS is.


this reminds me of all the annoying emo coffee shop kids in my town.

I hate them.

Not a big fan of this "design" either.


I'm not a fan of this genre of design. This shape feels too big, and a lot of the elements feel rather arbitrary.

Sauza Gold

this concept is old
and i'm not
digging this
lo siento.



like the white on the maroon

just make the spade right side up though


youd see this on a tshirt in ASDA... sorry but how did this make it to 6 days?... my design only lasted 1 day!!... am i in bizzaro world??... :P


I like the pink&white. It's a neat design, but like someone said before, it's too rectangular. Needs to be out of the box! Haha. Mehh $3.


i kind of like it, except for the guns. makes it look like murder(?) i like the fairies and the hearts though ;-)and the color, (red)

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