one of the better skulls that I have seen around here. Skulls are not my thing at all. The only thing I would offer is that the teeth part of the skull seem to be a different style than all of the flowing and swirls. If you were to stylize them a bit this could be really cool. Also add some color and not on a white shirt.

Watch this
Big Ed

I agree completely. Skulls are not my thing either but this one is much better than the usual stuff.


This is pretty cool. It needs to be on a different color shirt though. What does GS stand for?


sweet, 5


thanx, drink beers and graphwerk :)


No. No. NO!

Please not another skull for the sake of skulls.


I am getting sick of seeing crappy skull subs, but this one is great! My last name starts with "G" too, an added bonus. $5


i really like this design, and honestly dont think you need to do anything to it other than change the shirt color, this would look great on most colors, and like a medium gray.
if you do want to do something to the design though i think it could look pretty cool if you distressed the whole thing.

and yea, what do the letters mean at the bottom?


G - like Graphwerk :)



they eyes r crap

skulls suck



so so so so very awesome.



no way, skulls rule! they're xHARDxCOREx.


very cool


at the top part where the left the lines looks like a duck 5

Oxford XVII

Why do people buy these shirts?

This is NOT the way to Stick It To The Man.

This isn't offending anybody's delicate sensibility, but you do instantly label yourselves as childish and impossible to take seriously when you wear these kinds of shirts.


reminds me of the Opeth logo.. cool.

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