• by Akwel
  • posted Apr 24, 2006

Some people are used to speaking a lot... So...

Watch this

I really like the illustration w/ the whole picture taped on, but the text... I just don't like the 'shut-up' thing. Maybe make it say something else?


Take out the word bubble and it's great!


why is he saying shut up?


shouldn't it be the blue fish to say 'shut up'? I thought the worm is trying to save his ass and is beggin the fish to not eat him, then it would make sense if the fish says 'shut up'...


I think you should get rid of the "taped picture" part and the "shut up" part.....just have the fish and worm staring at each other....let the viewer decide what's going on....


i kinda like the "taped on" look
but the text just doesn't make sense


I love the font, tape on, and design. However, I don't get the point of the 'shutup'. Random? And the shirt color is... meh.


Is the worm embarrassed to be on the end of the line? He should probably be sticking out his tongue and saying "bite me" or something. It would make a heck of a lot more sense.


The shut up thing is a good idea because many people need to do this and it would be great to have a shirt that portrayed this, but the two things DO NOT go together no matter how you rationalized it to yourself. The shut up thing would need to go with some other concept and the worm and fish staring at each other would also be a good shirt, all by themselves that is (No picture, no tape, no text).


I agree with hehehe - the worm and the fish work all by themselves, though I do think their design could use a little tweaking.


Yes, u are right, I'm going to draw another one. I made a mistake with the "shut up" ... I was looking for a comic text to say "Please, don't eat me" or "Please, keep it closed" but the fact is... I'm french and a bad english speaker.

Outlawpencil, what kind of tweaking could it use ? (to have some advices)


How can people not get it? The worm's saying "shut up" because he wants the fish to keep it's mouth closed so it doesn't eat the worm. I got that right away.. but "Shut up" is on WAY too many shirts

the mothership

i really like the graphic but i don't like the whole "shut up" bubble. it's really cute minus the speech bubble because then it just looks like they're staring at each other. i'm not sure if i like the whole tape thing but i think it'd look good either way and i really like the brown color. $5 if you take off the speech bubble :)

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meh? zero?


I like the tape, but I wish the shiny blue sheen line was appropriately placed for each piece (that is, as if the light was coming from above).


^^^That was the creator just five posts up. He has explained already^^^


I think it's a cute idea, even with the tape and "Shut up" and all. I'd consider buying it how it is now, but I'd also get it with the fishhooked worm and fishie alone.

I like the blue colour choice, but I don't think a dark brown would work quite as well. Maybe a navy colour or seafoam to keep in line with the nautical theme. Again, very cute.


I'd buy it without the taped picture and word bubble, the fish and worm are strong enough on their own.


I like it (and I definitely like the tape), but I don't care for the text bubble and like many others would like to see it go. Overall it's great art, but it's not that interesting of a design.

Maybe try again with another piece in a similar style with another taped-up picture.


I really like this one ! I'd buy and wear it for sure !

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