Round our way

a basic idea of trying to visualise the council estate atheistic quality.

i thought about what could visualise this look and be iconic enough to stand alone...the homeless shopping trolley - we've all seen them.

- from the central reservation, in the subway at the station.

round our way...

Watch this

reminds me of skateboarding in HS. this kid could ollie and truckgrind one of those upside down. $5 this is a rad shirt.


I enjoy this. I like the blue or green background.

Brett F.

i like the one with the buggy in a tree better...


would like this if the trolley was printed in a distressed way!

.moto. profile pic Alumni

lol. i'd buy it.


My friend pushed me down the street in a shopping cart. I thought he was holding on but he just gave it a really big push and let go. I hit grass and the gart almost fell over.



i like this.

but i think maybe the cart is just a little too big


not as good as the trolley in the tree sub.. but this makes me depressed for some reason so i guess it works.


on a girl i'm not sure how well the placement would work. not sure i would want a shopping cart on one boob.

Big Ed

At all the grocery stores I've been to, the shopping cart always has metal rods across the bottom so that you can put heavy things under there like cases of pop or big bags of dog food, etc.


a little plain but original idea


love it. as a girl, wouldnt want a shopping cart on one boob tho. must agree with scukiduck. love the design

sophie the ocelot

Once I stole a shopping cart from Winn-Dixie and dragged it up three flights of stairs into the youth room in my church. It's still sitting there.



I like this a lot. I'd totally wear it while grocery shopping. XD


veeeery nice illustration.
like the size,might adjust placement.


Blue bkgrd! NICE.


"a basic idea of trying to visualise the council estate atheistic quality."


absolutely no one who saw this would think that, but not bad, 4


though i think the placement is a bit awkward, now that i look more closely

owen skyser-gray

i would like it to be placed a little higher
but i love the simplicity


$4 it would be a five without the explanation, it just ruined it for me.


Simple + Great. However, could it have been a bit smaller? + perhaps some more negative space happening with the wheel area? Love it. Would buy it!


I completely don't get the explanation. Honestly. I still love the shirt. $5

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