Road Trip

  • by travis76
  • posted Apr 24, 2006

-there are several options still open on tbis one....a dusty blue ink on khaki, either coffe or dusty blue ink in gold or orange...i'll let you and threadless (fingers crossed) decide....

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Mike Laughead
Mike Laughead profile pic Alumni

I like the guy wearing the shirt. Why isn't he on the design?

As for the shirt, pretty cool. Maybe I'm just distracted by the guy to the right.



Excellent Line Work! $4



mikemills profile pic Alumni

Yeah, I always wanted robot derby girl - this'd do nicely. 5$

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

Amazing inkwork and impressive attention to detail..this is a such a beautiful drawing. Smells like a winner to me!

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

def on orange, make them look like they are sweltering in the heat

like the nitzer ebb elongated tattoo, not sure if it was intentional but I dig it

Robsoul profile pic Alumni


travis76 profile pic Alumni

nah, i didn't know about nitzer ebb...more of a crop circle/universal symbol i'm actually contemplating...

Gringz profile pic Alumni

awesome man!



travis76 profile pic Alumni

in the real art file at this size, the lines are thicker.
fuck me a bit for doing a quick magic wand cut, paste, and size to rush the submission...but no one seems to!


this is one of the best drawings that I have seen on this site...i would totally buy this...

_Wheels03 profile pic Alumni

The orange, blue, and white looks great! I don't own a Threadless shirt that's khaki or orange, so my guess is that this design will be the first. Design of the month for you!


Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

damn you, Travis.... that's one hot shirt. I'm going to start for it saving now... $5


I love your art style <3 5$


freakin awsome.
great work travis. hope it gets printed!! 5$

travis76 profile pic Alumni

'more awesomer than anything'
even kittens in outer space?

Brett F.

i want that guy's belt buckle...


hot yeah $5


now that is one awesome original design. what threadless should be printing instead of stupid scribbly crap.

$5 !!!!!!!!!!

grayehound profile pic Alumni

more awesomer than anything is right! Nice attention to detail there. I'd lie it on orage, too, but that cuz I have too many khaki shirts as is. Nice work, trav!


reminds me of "Tank Girl" for some reason.

out of those options - i say khaki and blue ink. people seem to hate khaki - but the gold and orange tees are horrficly ugly unflattering colors.

i like the sage option in your profile.

one thing that bugs me is the starkness of the white (because there's such a large block of it) - i see two possibilities:

1) with dusty blue ink - you could turn the white spaces a pale dusty blue or silver - which would give it more of a night/moonlight feel

2) you could go for the baking desert sun effect with a warm color - if you're trying to stay at 2 inks it would have to be pale - or you could go up to 3 and make it something really strong - i think some heat waves around the sun would add to it if you do that

you might want to play around with that and post it in your profile

it's a 5$ anyway.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

all good points, and things i considered. i figured if it gets some notice and,dear lord, gets picked, the gang will have color suggestions of thier own anyway, as they always do. which is a good thing, 'cause they have taste.
one idea is whatever shirt color it goes on, have the sun/lights, etc be avery lighter version of the shirt.

i tried a 'scraggly' sun, and the lines took away from the linework in the pic.
the white could be stark, but the size and shape are essential to round out the design. the curve of the sun follows through to the robo's knee as well as the side mirror.
which was just a happy accident.


im sure gorillaz would love it


i would not wear it, but since it's so very well drawn and i'm sure it would look great on a shirt, 4


-- 5 -- and $$ BUY $$

I'm favoring the khaki shirt color

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Trav: Very cool. I like your comic book style, always have. Not tempted to put another colour in there?



Fuck Yeah! I've been waiting to see this up ever since you blogged about it. Nice stuff.


i want the orange/blue shirt


Travis, I love you.

jublin profile pic Alumni

orange BLUE!!!

you know that would be sick cause then you would have the number one orange shirt.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

I like it. Always quality work.

This gets a $5, but I still want the kids at Threadless to get off their asses and do a Robot Derby Girl reprint... I'm into the white one on Mojizu.


totally makes me think of tank girl!!
niiiice!! :]

travis76 profile pic Alumni

thanks,.... tank girl comparisons are inevitable, i suppose.

what we share is just what i like too: utility, mechanical detail, logos, numbers and inustrial labeling, the apocalypse, seedy characters, dirt, scratches, curvi-angular drawing style, and little details....


Maybe it's because I'm an rpg geek, but I love love love this. $5. However, only if it's the brownish color in the illustration. Orange blows.

Jesse Mack
Jesse Mack profile pic Alumni

i really really really reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally like this. You should publish a comic about your post apocalyptic machinery mongers. i would buy.


$5. I'd definitely buy this!

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

schweet illo travmiester.
hello 4th print

travis76 profile pic Alumni

argh! my own worst critic, i see a problem with this disply- there's negative space under the 'handle' on the robot's head that should be white. it's correct in the true file, somehow didn't get punched out in this paste job.
but that's it.
just don't let it affect your vote!
i'm such a dork.

steven218 profile pic Alumni

nice one trav! 5 (would be a $ on a darker colour tee)

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