Seed of hope

Behold the germination of hope!

Every moment, everywhere, the seed of humanity is being spread. The children will blossom as our legacy for the times to come. We rise, we learn, we transmit, we fall, we expand ourselves, generation after generation, hopefully until the end of time.

Watch this

agreed, looks ultra anti-choice. I can't deal.
What happened to the flower/bud in hte second image? It's in all the others...

Inside My Head...

I don't thing foetuses are all that pretty, and I reckon if you want to get a message across you have to lure people in visually with something beautiful...


no - not it's not JAZZES - the seed is planted in the first tuve, germinates in the second, begins throwing in the third and blooms in the fourth.

While fetuses may not be pretty they certainly are visceral and as such prococative. However, I am going ot have to agree with the earlier posters and say the first read was "Pro-Life"


i like fetuses but this shirt is just ???
at first glance it looks like a pro-life thing,
but then the flower looks kind of like an ear, so it makes me think of the stem cell debate


i'm pro-life but obviously that's not why I would pick the shirt.
interesting concept, but i'm not feeling it.
i don't want a fetus on my shirt :b


at first glance i thought it was something about etopic pregnancy. kinda looks like the last baby has become attatched to a veiny pancreas.


--make the oblong bubbles look more like test tubes and this might have a sliver of a chance. Actually, lose the foetus too and just make it a cell multiplying...then change the title.


So, that's what happens when you put fetuses on a tee. ;)

In my opinion it?s not necessarily ?pro life?. I think that's open to interpretation.

Anyway, pro life or not, babies are a clear icon of hope, future, prosperity, perpetuation of the specie, etc.

And yes, fetuses are shocking, specially when a flower is germinating from their belly. ;)

It was supposed to be cute but scandalous, out of the ordinary, all at once. I didn?t want an empty concept.

Thanks for your comments!



babies aren't people

pro choice.


A lot of people read this as pro-choice, but it makes me think the opposite. I mean, it's a plant growing out of a baby; you can read it as literally saying fetuses make good fertilizer. Either way, yuck.


the last flower needs work. As other people said, it resembles an ear or pancreas. Make it a more developed flower.


fetuses, scary!


God forbid you ever post something that would make people think of fetuses as people.

Big Ed

My first thought when I looked at it was "test tube babies."


Well, it was fun while it lasted.

I'm thinking of expanding the whole "fetus theme", incluiding "pro life" and "pro choice" designs to please everybody. Some possible projects:

a) "Fetuses party"

b) "Don't feed the fetuses"

c) What do you think of this "pro life" tee? Fetus on the left, text on the right:

"Yes, fetuses are DISGUSTING,
but please DON't kill them",

or maybe: "but please DON't step on them" as a giant boot approaches.

d) "Fetus great adventure"

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