I'm in a hurry!

être à la bourre basically means 'I'm in a hurry'.

I've been told that Paris isn't really like this anymore, and that people don't dress all like beatniks and zoom around on scooters eating baguettes. But I hold such a Paris in my minds eye, and that's what this submission is all about.

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I love it. 5$ and a buy


love, $5


I like it! Love the detail on the shoes and the sketchy wheels! $5 I would buy this for myself!


Yo brotha it's JFish! I love this design. If this gets printed I am definetly buying one! Yellow or white are my choices.


Hey mr Jfish! You need to submit something too! It might be fun! tHanks for stopping by and taking a look at my design!


I love the design!


I love it!! except.. lose the blue shadow, or find a tshirt color it actually looks good on.


i love it. =]
and yes paris still is something like that.. at least it was over christmas break while I was there.


Leenie691! Lose the shadow and it looses interest! You're totally talking about things that are your opinion!


Surely that's not a Vespa! Maybe a Peugeot...


I know tons of girls who would LOVE this.

Put me down for a buy.


Heyy, I love this picture!
I like it even better than the last shirt!

(Why do people say $5, that makes no sense)


that means that they gave it a 5 and they would buy it. Im gonna give it a 4 cause it's cool artwork, but i would not wear it cause im a dude


I like this a lot, but I think the colour of the shadow should probably change when the shirt colour does. The blue seems to clash a bit...


jdsausages676: Hahaha yeah, umm.. She left the keys to her vehicle up in her flat, and now she's waiting for her boyfriend to throw the keys down to her. Yeah thats it! :')


nice drawing but yeah, if shes in a hurry get moving!! maybe, 'hurry up'!!


This is tops, I would buy this for myself and one for a cute girl. Totally.


design is great, but I don´t like the shadow >>> 4


MuLi: thanks for the 4... but please don't hate the shadow, its really a important element! you don't realize that its not dislike, but immense love! I understand though, emotions can sometimes be confusing ^__^.


$5 I love the screenprint-like style you've got in this one. Stylish vespas are always good too.


paris owns all other cities.
its sorta like that, still.


i love love love the graphic. definitely would buy. $5


Patriarch on a Vespa...Emily Haines like girl...are you a Metric fan?!?


Haha I am a Metric fan! but just recently, about a year after painting this particular piece.


if she's in such a hurry why isn't she going? i'm kidding, i like the graphic.


great drawing! I love the gesture to the figure.


I love the graphic!

And Paris is such a beautiful city...

Pacific Rose

Nice picture, nice color choices, but wouldn't it be "Je SUIS à la bourre"?


the girl looks a little funky


lose the text, shadow and downsize the graphic...
otherwise cool.


i LOVE it. i love france. and i love this shirt. i'd tap that.

d3d profile pic Alumni

i don't care if girls don't look like that in france anymore, i wish they did in australia. great character.


Pacific Rose: Yes. right now the translation reads "I to be in a hurry." Not to be a grammar nitpick...


$5 Dig it.


Pacific Rose is correct.
I would love this shirt if "être" were conjugated correctly to "je suis".


can't I just be vague? As in to say "To be in a hurry" who is in a hurry? the scooter? the girl? the shirt? you?
I'll Le-Shut-up now... XD


same as the above regarding grammer... I would never wear a shirt in English that said "I to be in a hurry", unless I bought it in China or something and wore it cause it was funny - but this design isnt about humor, its about a steriotypical, dreamy veiw of Paris - where proper grammer is a MUST! seriously they're nuts about that stuff... I'll skip scoring it now and give it a 4 or 5 if the grammer gets fixed


and i really like the girl too but i was thinking lose/change the shawdow from the moment i saw it too... just my opinion but i think it distracts from some of the details abou the girl, rather than making her pop out it kind of blurs her

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