"Let us walk hand in hand"

Walk the walk & Talk the talk!

Watch this

Dig the concept. Colors represnt ethnicity, design is unique.
I wold go with a differt color shirt. HAnd colors contrast to much with light blue color.


original, I like it! $5

.onion profile pic Alumni

i like the colors (save for the shirt color, ew) and design, but i don't quite see how there are hands in this illustration =.=; and i don't like how the strips are just cut off. maybe they could extend to the seams...? this looks just a little empty.

Jizm Johnny

Thanks for the comments :ยท:...

@ sevraider: i can see your point with the color of the tee, maybe it should have been dark blue instead.

@ onion: the fingers are shaped as if you pretend to walk on a table with your fingers.... and a hand isn't long enough to go all the way up to the seams...

She Says So

interesting design.

i like.



hawt 4

i like the colors
dark blue + those hand colors = too close to nautical

keep er light


This is a great idea. Its a really strong design and colours are good too.

The only thing i'm not keen on is the way the hands end in a strainght line at the top. Maybe this could be overcome by having more of a wrist shape so that they kind of go in a bit at the top and the hands arent so square.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

This would be even better if you could tell that the fingers were alternating. A simple overlap line on the graphic could do that pretty easily. I like the colors you selected as well. 5

Jizm Johnny

@ bortwein: You are proparbly right. I see it now... I tend to tighten my designs too' much generally (and often get comments like yours - mr. Airplane). That little change would do a lot of good. - would be nice to make a few small changes after all this constructive criticism - but i guess it doesn't work that way...


i really like what this stands for

No. 45

i like the colors but i would like it better if they went red, yellow, black and white like the song. that way it would give people something to identify with when they see the shirt.

Jizm Johnny

I didn't actually know the yellow pages logo (don't have it in denmark). Just checked it on google, so i guess i see the resemblence. But these thinks have nothing to do with each other, and anyways the YP logo is not very nicely graphically put together...

annie ozzie

i like the vintage color combo...


I think this design rock! I agree that the color of the T-shirt is a bit 'tacky', but I guess it would be produced in many colors if it goes into production? In that case people could choose for them selves.
I saw the hands immediately, and the color-symbolic. Its obvious in an implicit way - I like it.
Don't compare it to the yellow pages - you wouldn't compare apples and bananas either...
You get a vote 5 from here..

Los Tobos


This is great!
5 $

Lori de

i like the colors on the blue shirt. reminds me of a 70's throw-back.


love everything about it!!! It's the kind of tee that captures your attention instantly; maybe I'm lucky not knowing the much discussed Yellow Pages design. Anywas, great job - I think I found my favorite among all these kool contributions


wow, i love this! i can't believe it didn't score higher. i'd give it a 5 if the voting was still open. love the colors, design, andmessage. i think it would work on all those colors, you could do it on anyone of those 4 colors.

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