Hope Saves...

  • by CDK
  • posted Apr 19, 2006
Watch this

or check profile for larger preview.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I likes

streetwise profile pic Alumni

great looking retro cool shirt man. 5$


my fav so far


eh not my cup of tea

Snowblinded profile pic Alumni

I don't think the Amercian Red Cross would want a shirt with a large skull on it. But, I could be wrong.


why would you have a skull?
i think the last thing the red cross wants to promote would be a huge dead person


Poopy - What would make you put a skull on a Red Cross Shirt???


Snowblinded,roundewdedges and ceaston,
The design is for the Threadless community and is my interpretation of hope, humanity and compassion. If I was designing a shirt FOR The American Red Cross, I would be able to incorporate the Red Cross logo and be able to use the words" The American Red Cross".
So please, critique on design and not who you think is going to wear it.

fastjumper profile pic Alumni

let it go dude...
a really well done design, a sure 5$


really like this.

love how the skull seems kinda ancient/buried. $5


Just a reminder, theres a larger preview in profile.

Thanks for all the feedback!


i think it'd be cool if the girl actually was drawn in a style more similar to the skull. the skull looks cool. the rainbow looks cool. the girl looks like a cartoon.

franx profile pic Alumni

very very cool.


electric illustration
will red cross accept it? who knows
i like it


hopes saves . . . us from this design


Oooh. A cute liitle classic American kid staring at a rainbow to save the 3rd world from being ruined by the 1st.


i would like this minus the skull

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

very cool! Nice distress work and good use of colours and negative space. Pretty original way of using a rainbow. The only thing I'm not fond of is the crosses, but I'll take those in because it's so damn good. 5!


It's a cool design, but I am of the opinion that the skull it gratuitous.

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Awesome - 5$


nice design, but it's so cryptic.

montmont profile pic Alumni

I think its missing those important elements of any redcross sub, doves, teddybears, children, Oh damn, some hands and ambulances.

I'm quite confused as to how in the hell a skull as a metaphor represents anything that the redcross wants to do. Saying you designed this for the threadless community is a cop out, as if it wasnt for the redcross then you would not have sub it for this contest. The shirts are going to sold at their store and money from each sale goes to them. The link is quite clear. TO me, this is metaphorically bankrupt. Its a good design, nicely done but should have been placed into the main contest. I am less convinced of your ability to meld the two different drawing styles as well.


I like it but differnt colors and id probably wear it


Fucking gorgeous illustrative work and shredded very nicely. Not a single change needed. 5. Ah, I love the critiques here...they crack me up. You know, some people just tend to forget that design is subjective. You can feel them getting so defensive in their cubicles. CDK...if this is your interpretation, run with it, man!

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