If you suddenly got $5,000 dollars what would you spend it on?

other than a computer, a car, college, or every threadless shirt


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OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

Alcohol. Alcohol and mail-order brides.
And a samurai sword. Yeah...


i like the way you think...


hi-fi gods

i'd get me a new camera.

maybe a Canon or Fuji?


hi-fi gods

actually, i change my mind.

I'd get a suit made of pure, 24 k gold.


new monitor


i was thinking maybe a nice video camera,
but why buy something i can just check out from school.


OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

goddamit tesko, that's one hot turntable. Screw the mail order bride, i'm getting a couple of those too. Plus some alcohol..obviously.


I would but cds

5000 dollar worth of music... heck yes.

Gringz profile pic Alumni

chips. then its poker time


Damn, no computers? Not even a quad G5 with all the trimmings? :(

Okay, I'd get lasik surgery for my eyeballs with half of the money and put the other half toward redoing my upstairs bathroom.
I know, boring, but that's what I'd do with it if I wasn't allowed to get computer stuffs. ;)

d3d profile pic Alumni

if you can borrow a video camera then i'd get some kind of editing suite.

tesko profile pic Alumni

olli, to top it off it's fucking piano wood. $2000 each though, not including the pedal. yes, I said pedal.


Im contemplating an editing suite, i've got a legitimate copy of after effects and a pirated copy of the latest avid....but im more than likely getting a computer for graduation in a few months... some of it might go towards getting avid certified but yo no se.


OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

hey, i'll still have $1000 left for booze. awright!


i dont think money can make me happy right now, so id buy as much as i could of the cheapest thing i can find

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I'd buy an advisor, who would in turn tell me what I should spend my money on.


i'd knock out the rest of my student loans and i'd be done with that ruthless bitch sallie mae. i'd have about a grand left to celebrate with.


cd's and hoodies. and chocolate.


Ooooo that's nice chaos...
i might buy a wacom, but one in like the $85-$100 price range...



I book a room in a posh hotel and trash it. It probably be a cheap bed and breakfast though.


bills, maybe bills, or more bills, and then maybe some bills.

franx profile pic Alumni

i'd get a brand new term deposit account with a slightly higher interest yield than a plain old savings account!!!


fraaaaaaaaanx. what's up?

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Franx, congrats on the great score!


WOW, I didn't even see that! nice job, franx!

franx profile pic Alumni



rent. maybe a wedding, so we don't have to do the cohabitation thing and upset the whole family.

but yeah. rent.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I'll buy it when it's printed.

franx profile pic Alumni

stop it Skip, you’re getting my hopes up.


I'd either buy 1 of everything at Goodwill, or... 5,000 tacos for me and my friends.


Yeah Kerrn, it's very nice. I deleted all my porn and just taped a picture of it to my monitor.


Kerrn, Are you in Spirit the Halloween store? yeesss. :P
hmmm.. 5000--
Some dvds..
some cds..
I really want a vespa!..
A nice jacket or blazer..
anndd... some bean burritos!


You know what's really awesome? Those 1/2lb. bean burritos at taco bell.



Dior Homme blazer (maybe velvet, but thats a little played out), Dior Homme Suit, Nudie jeans (Regular Ralf Dry Selvege), 10 or so random tees from the web.

Not sure if $5000 would afford me all that.


I'd buy this awesome guitar that my boyfriend REALLY wants.


A new camera, an ipod, and then I would donate the rest to the family I mentioned in my blog.

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Hey Mrwalrusface, when are we going to see more of your lovely designs???

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

awesome! congrats on the win!

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