Fiesta la Fawn

  • by thecutiek
  • posted Apr 19, 2006

for some reason i am a little disturbed by this, it is creative though

Watch this

I like the stripes but not sure about the creatures. Maybe make them striped also?




looks like a really really bad trip


I took some photos like this once...naked girls with horns.
Hot stuff.


interesting, would be cooler if the illustration was executed a little better.

3 for now


this fucking rocks
this is one of the best designs i have seen on here


umm, on the girl closest to the bottom, you missed part of the silhouette that should show background, and without the stripes there, it makes it look like a chick with a dick...

other than that, its a savage piece of art...
nice 4


Yeah, it was supposed to look ambiguous, and roughly executed.. i was going for that style because i like a style that's a little more 'raw'. The third one in the background is actually a guy too, they're not all girls.

Thanks stabmaster :)


This scares me D: I kind of screamed when i saw this.


haha "it looks like a bad trip"
Its....really weird.
But I like it.


I like the composition alot and the subject is strange/neat. If I could make a small suggestion I would say to change the grain on the trees to a vertical grain. I think this would give better contrast between the ground and the trees.


Hahaha in response to the previous comment, I was referring to the figure closest to the bottom... it just appeared strange to me because there are breasts, AND the dangly bit between the legs that lacks the stripes... if that IS the way it is meant to be, then Im all for it...
once again, nice work...

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