Tune In Tokyo

  • by teametc
  • posted Apr 18, 2006

if this shirt doesnt spawn sexual harassment lawsuits i dont know what will, for those of you not "in the know" some people refer to tweaking nipples as "tuning in tokyo" (hence the nipple area knobs). Anyways i hope you like it, i have some other ideas that i will probably break out sooner rather than later.

Watch this

Isn't this the second 'Tune in Tokyo' sub in like a week?

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Is it? i havent checked the site for a few months then designed this one and a red cross one and put em up at roughly the same time... I wasnt aware there was another, thats kind of a bummer actually.

Brett F.

(the knobs are too far apart...unless your nipples are in your armpits)

and why would you ever want to wear this!? this would just inspire people to grab your nipples!!

maybe a nice shirt to give other people??


The other Tune in Tokyo was much more subtle.
This one just says 'Grab my tits'.
I don't think many people would want to wear that

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anyone have a link to the old one? i havent seen it id like to see the difference


i thought the radio band was a ruler at first, until i saw the knobs. I like the godzilla scene in the radio band too.


honestly you can almost get the point across with just the band. People who are familiar with the expression would know what it was saying and people who dont would just think that those of us who wear custom shirts were just wearing another custom shirt...

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thats a good point, bloody, originally it didnt have the city scape in it and then when i added that then i guess it COULD stand by itself...thanks for the input


This is just asking for a purple nurple.


I know it loses the original purpose but I think that the art could have stood on its own without the knobs because they ruin it and make it unattractive and unwearable


These people are all obnoxious assholes! I give it a 10 out of 10. I'd twist your nips any day.


niples :P


knobs and nips aside...i love the radio band best of all...


love it, but w/o the knobs.

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Atleast this one is well done!
hahaha, I would wear this. I don't mind if people play with nipples ;)
I mean....GIRLS! Not...people....oh no....
I've made a terrible mistake.


Oivay. What would happen when a teach sees one wear this at school, being it that I am a girl, I'd get an office referal and an ugly green shirt saying that I wore something inappropriate to school.


I don't need to draw more attention to my tits. And Godzilla's head doesn't look quite right to me.


For us girls, not good placement.


tune in tokyo anybody?


wont it look odd on girls, sinc ethe knobs will go right on their boobs?


yeah... I find my friends don't need much encouragement... so not for me.


I actually like this one much better than the other "Tokyo" designs. Losing the knobs and making the radio band larger would make it even better.


band = lovely; knobs = tacky, obnoxious and unnecessary


tuner is way too bitmappey

make it good pixelated

ie sharp and clear then its a def buy

£3 tho



oh my...another boob shirt.

it's a cool idea, but there has to be another place for those radio dials. or else every creepy guy every will come to any girl wearing this shirt and say "Hey, I bet I could turn your dials! Hyuk! Hyuk!"

again, cool idea, but it could use some changes.

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yeah, i hear all of you, i wonder if it would even be worthREenter this without the knobs i;ll probably just heed your advice and steer clear of these immature creep magnet shirts, it was more of a spur of the minute idea i hadnt really thought it out much before i did it, hence me not looking for other designs on here based on the same thing, although im glad mine is different than theres. Thanks for the input everyone.


The band is great, the knobs not so much - but I definitely like this better than the other 'tune in tokyo' designs.

Without knobs = $5


this shirt would be awesome if not for the knobs. Without knobs, I'd give it a 4. With 'em I'm giving it a 0. Hope you do reenter it, because I really like it.


LoL. twist, tweak Owch
Well, I Do really like the top part.


Nobs on my nips? I don't think so. sorry.


yeah, i think the design would work without the knobs. and it would also stop morons from complaining..


I agree with pinkeyecandyapple, these other people are morons with nothing better to do than bitch and moan about some hypothetical t-shirt design. Ever heard of a job, people?

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if they are like me then they are "pro"artists, which means they dont have jobs, nor do they consider what they DO a j ob, and also are chronically poor...although maybe im just poor cause i put nipple knobs on everything, why didnt i put them on my red cross shirt!


Nix the knobs.

The concept cracked me up, but I would NOT wear it.


For guy who wear this.. you're asking for a nipple twist!..
for the girls.. you're basically asking guys to harrass you (only girls that need attention would buy this).. Sorry.. it's a no for me.


this is dumb and a bit offensive

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thanks laura, thats what i was going for, FINALLY someone who GETS it!


you know, there are just too many people without a sence of humour out there... I love this and would totally wear it, then again I'm Canadian and a little more relaxed. Love the nobs... my boyfriend would get a kick outta it
$5 for me even though with the above comments I'm sure it wont get printed... good job ~_^

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GET A SENSE OF HUMOR, PEOPLE! I'm a girl. I hate being harassed. I hate being hit on. I'd totally wear this shirt. It's a tribute to my childhood, a sarcastic, inside joke. Awww, warm fuzzies. I love it.


I'm a man in his 70's and I would wear this!
The only people who wouldn't wear it are girls with little bittity titties (it will bring a focus to their tiny rack) and Big Fat Girls (the knobs wouldn't be in the right place because fatties have nipples that are in weird places because the skin has stretched so much to accomidate all the jiggly mass)

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