Listen to Everything

  • by Jack Noel
  • posted Apr 18, 2006

If your ipod breaks, and for the first time in a while I was forced to walk the streets to the soundtrack of nothing but your environment, embrace it. There's plenty going on around us that all too often neglected.

Watch this

i'd buy this.


cool idea...i know how you feel with your ipod breaking, i had mine for a year (almost exactly) and it up and died one day, and my friend had hers for about 4 months before it up and died as well. what is up with ipod's all of a sudden?

sorry about the mini-rant, 5 for the design =)


Awesome T. 5$. Ipods suck


i love this thought. so muched is missed when we distract oursleves.


is that a wad of gum?



amazing- love this

.onion profile pic Alumni

if i wanted to listen to the "environment," i'd plug my headphones into more natural thing like trees or birds. not a can of paint. i think the message is good but the execution is pretty lame.


.onion is trippin'. great execution. not fond of the color but that's my personal taste. VERY strong design. great work.


Sigh I AM the only one who doesn't listen to music :(


and I AM the only one who loves ipods :(


This is cool but there are actually a LOT of things you shouldn't listen to. Like pretty much everything on the radio. Especially those radio stations that deem themselves "new rock."


I'd dig it if that pink color was a little brighter, or more orangey.


I especially like the egg and the candle, by the way.


I like how you didn't just c & p the headphones. Me like. 4


I went through each image and imagined the sound each makes, and when I saw the paint can, I automatically thought of the noise the paint can made in this computer game I used to play called Catz (and Dogz, and Babyz...). Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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to paraphrase a threadless staff member (I believe), looks like you've made friends with mr. cutnpaste.

you have a good idea here. But the repeating headphones hurt my eyes. I notice that you tried to break it up by perturbing the cord, but that is not enough. I'd have one set of headphones plugged into all those objects. It would look better, be stylistically cleaner, and be more clear at first glance.

Reconsider the colors as well.

Again though, good concept, keep refining.


I love this.

Be sure to always listen to what your pillow is saying


ipods must die.


I think timrb has a good point. The single pair of headphones could be at the top, with the wires connected to each object. It would be simplified and still make the same point.


i've had mine 2 years + not one problem. it's a 3rd genn.

good point but do you need so many headphones ?


smart. i really like it.
all of your designs are awesome!


I love this idea. It has a great message too.


I love the colors and the vintage look of it like the purse & teapot!


it's a cool idea, the repetition of the same exact pair of headphones makes it less interesting, though. i'd try making different styles of headphones, or, as someone said above, making one set of headphones plug into everything.


er... except that some of those things don't make sounds...


Am I the only one that would kill for an IPod?


I like that you used the same headphones, but I just think everything they're connected to should make a sound, even if it's soft and quiet, you know?

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