damn mad world

it´s about the different ways of seeing life, both of them can be good, but maybe they dont understand each other...

It´s a damn mad world sometimes...

Watch this
scoutti profile pic Alumni

$5 very beautiful


I love the gnarly branch. You get a 5 : )


i absolutly love this.
but i wouldn't wear a shirt that said damn on it.


i really like the use of color on the branch. nice job...and by the way, i really dig your style in general.


Fruit bats used to fly over my flat in Sydney - so you get an extra point for including one of those guys...


love the artwork of the branch and bird. i think it might be stronger without the text bubbles, the message comes across without. oh and not bright blue, woul dbe nice on navy or matural.

$4 anyway!


I agree--I love this shirt, but I'd love it even more (and would actually wear it) if it didn't say "damn." In fact, just like ohmystarsNET said, I think it really would be better without the text. Great job though, I really love it.

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I don't like what the bat and the bird are saying, it's cryptic in an odd way. Perhaps if the words were, say, one of those phrases that makes sense right side up and upside down (I forget what they are called--- and it doesn't always have to be the same phrase)--- then I'd say keep the text. Otherwise, just keep the illustration, which is fantastic.


oah I am slow the bat is saying damn, I was trying so hard to figure out what "uwep" meant! eesh

$5 Its a great concept pulled off well!


very, very nice



my gosh this is a gorgeous design. the colours are so beautiful together and the style is really great. i dont think i could wear this to school but oh well id still buy it


it says something about relativity and it's wrapped up in a non obvious pun. not to mention the nice colours


I really like the idea.
I didn't realise that the word 'damn' is still offends! It's like 19th century England (or 1950's America)


wouldnt the bat see it as "paw" not "dam" ? :-p


....awesome. $$$$5..."damn" i hope this gets printed...or i'll be "mad"..

har har


Loose the text and I'd buy it!



Drop the text, and make it a little bit smaller and lower down on the shirt and it'd be a five.

Dante Dior

ah, i love this!

I would pay 6$


There was this design a while ago that i scored 5$ on that was kind of similar to this, except it had a bird and a cat, i think, and the bird was upside-down on a branch saying "cat" in some asian language and the cat was saying "bird" (in some asian language). It was awesome. And I've been wondering what that design was and trying to find it, because it didn't get printed, but I think this matches or exceeds the awesomity of that, and certainly deserves the same score. Except, I'm not so sure about the words. It's not that I don't think they should be speaking, I just think they could be saying something that sounded a little... better. I don't know. But I love it anyways. Good job.

¡ Squirrel Lover !

love it but could never wear it cause of the dam*

i will give you $5 cause i love the shirt anyway


kind of confusing, but cute


really awesome, 'cause they are just trying to comprehend the other's viewpoint. bats and birds get good points from me anyday.


Beautiful and funny. Ain't that how the world works! Quality art--reminds me of those incredible Russian woodcuts. Definitely a buy! 5

unisex pompadore

agreeing with a lot of people, and i know it becomes a little redundant in the comments, but it really does work a lot better without the speech bubbles. lose the text

i love the artwork though, the branch is beautiful and the colors are fantastic. keep it on blue


Am I the only one who thinks that without the speech bubbles it wouldnt be the same?
i really like this.
nice concept and awesome art.


yes. def don't need the thought bubbles
nice colors

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Really love this - 5$




nice concept
i think the text can go
and the whole thing should be a bit smaller


i LOVE the colors and the illustration! $5


yeah, i love the design. i think the text is fine, but maybe it doesn't have universal appeal.

in my opinion the image is more powerful than the text; when there is text i think it should be damn good or leave it out.

stunt double

Great color choice and even greater ilu!

muy bonito!!!


Nice color usage.

Lori de

love the colors. love the concept. you do texture well-very clean and graphic. ..

suspect k

i really like the idea, very kool
get rid of the baby blue kolour (something darker...?) and i'm in


love the tree branch


The only thing I don't like is the balloons/text. Colours, superb, and a beautiful drawing.


i love bats, i love birds, and i love this shirt.


i love bats, i love birds, and i love this shirt.

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