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This is my world

I wanna be able to zoom on the design.

Watch this
Andy_Mason profile pic Alumni

yeah, i wanna be able to see it too, plz post a larger on your profile... i'm really interested in your red-on-teal color choice


Ahhhhhh not red on green!!

Meine augen!


the color that the design is presented on clashes too much, maybe a more toned down color? i like it though.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

red and green NEVER TOGETHER. Not even on christmas.


There are some really confused colourblind people out there right now.


... why does the giraffe have an engine chained to his neck?


christmas giraffe-vacuum! just what i wanted!


ZOOM ZOOOM ZOOOM ZOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM! put zoom on it so i ca see what it looks like! PLEASE!


not in red. please not in red. and wtf. red on green? what is wrong with you? can you honestly see the design? change it i like what i see (not sure about what i don't...)

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

hahaha... i started reading the comments about the zoom and colors... i really wonder why it took like 10 posts until someone said something about the fact that a giraffe is chained to an engine... WTF?

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