The Hope Revolution

My Design for The Red Cross Competition.

Alternate Colorways and Non-distressed versions are on my profile... or go to

Watch this

very shepard fairey


mh..starlin.....lenin...mao..fuck off komunism..and kapitalism..nice art..


I think the practice of distressing things is terribly overdone. Definitely go with non-distressed.

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very nice, I like the distressing, very iconographic and well executed


strong work. The Faireyness doesn't bother me nor does the distressing, which i usally hate.


i'm conflicted... i LOVE it! but not for the red cross. i just feel that something distressed like this isn't a fit for the red cross. also, and i hate to say this... something about the fist and the star makes me think of it as something of a political revolution-like statement. i MUCH prefer the black shirt design.


btw, i DO understand it's called the hope revolution. but that, to me, is something that borderlines violence and i don't like to think of the red cross as being borderline violent.


just to clarify: I am not trying to make some political statement by this design. the fist represents power and the rose represents hope... it is simply about the power of hope.


The best Red Cross sub I've seen thus far... to the point and on point. Well done.


Well done indeed. $4, for ARC or just for something cool to wear.


The symbol on this t-shirt is almost exactly the same as one of the symbols of the Socialist Party of Albania. In fact, the red carnation in a clenchted fist is a common theme for many socailists logos. I suggest that everyone here understand that before they go giving this fives.


give me a link.... i've haven't found anything.
i suggest that you understand that before you say "almost exactly" you should be able to back it up.


the background looks like the background they use at church for the virgin mary.


^The above is a section of national flags used with the "socialist rose" as they term it. For the fist clenched with the rose, please reference the Social-Democratic Party of Russia, The Democratic Labor Party of Brazil, and the Socialist Youth Flag of Portugal.

I suggest that you do your research before submitting your designs

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TheExile was definitely exaggerating.
you get a 5 from me


i like the two color on black non distressed one the best. 5


well, i'm about to give my first 5 ever! this submission deserves it given the brief of this contest. exile is SO wrong - this design is better looking than all the flags s/he 'flagged' - and I am a socialist! one small quibble - i'ld like to see the rose less flowery - in otherwords, a stronger and simpler bloom - one that matches the stylised stem and leaves. so, as they say ' best so far'. congratulations.

Martini for freedom

i agree with foucaultagogo exept about changing anything...
the rose HAS to be flowery in order to symbol hope...a less flowery rose would seem to symbol sadness...VERY VERY WELL DONE!!! I LOVE IT!!
I will buy it in 1 AND 2 collored in both red and black...that is 4 tees and they are almost the same.... seems unnessesary and expensive but i cant decide witch looks better!!!the thing is none of them looks worse they are both perfekt! =D =D

congrats and please make more tees....and oh almost forgot....threadless crew if you read this: PLEASE PRINT THIS SHIRT!!!!and make many of them so they dont run out of stock before i get one... =D

Monkey II
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Man you're good
Very well done!


seriously, the way that some people on here consistently manage to miss the point never ceases to amaze me.

it's -meant- to resemble the logo of a revolutionary organisation. this doesn't mean that anyone is implying that the red cross are violent or socialists. it does, however, imply a level of committment, zeal, passion, power, etc, which combined with a symbol of hope all seems pretty appropriate to me.

unfortunately though, it seems most people are too dim to discern shades of meaning in anything but the most obvious symbols, so i won't expect this to get printed.. might go look at some more cutesy tees with love hearts and blood drops on them.


very well done - something I would buy on black


smaller and maybe add somthing to either side

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visually stunning!
right away, it just made me want to keep looking at it, wonderful job!

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I agree - very shepard fairey

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it's nice w/ two colors on black. however, the hand bothers me. it looks really gross, as opposed to that very pretty rose :]


"it's -meant- to resemble the logo of a revolutionary organization. this doesn't mean that anyone is implying that the red cross are violent or socialists.''

So let’s just go around wearing the Southern Cross, because it’s a symbol of states rights and not the enslavement of eight million blacks by 1860. While we’re at it, the swastika needs to be brought back. Make it a tad flashier, and you’ve got a hit. Of course, there are the six million Jews that were murdered, plus Gypsies, Poles, Slavs and Catholics, but we can ignore that.

If you can ignore the thousands killed by their socialist governments and the trauma that plauged most of the 20th century, then by all means, suppor this design.


TheExile, perhaps you should research politilcal symbolism a bit more.

The fist by itself represents revolution, and has been used by numerous movements of every different political stripe.

The fist with rose is the symbol of Social Democrats, who are certainly not Communists or even Socialists.

canadian surfwax

i didnt bother reading any of the other comments cause there is a long list, but this reminds me of Ryan Adam's cd art for "Jacksonville City Nights"


this is really great. 5$

its nice to see a Red Cross sub that doesnt have a heart, and has a good meaning behind it.


Nice Work. $4


In regards to "preshead's" comment, which stated "btw, i DO understand it's called the hope revolution. but that, to me, is something that borderlines violence and i don't like to think of the red cross as being borderline violent." Not all revolutions are violent. Think of Ghandi and his work done- it quite obviously was not violent but it was a revolution which changed the course the world was taking. As well as Martin Luther King Junior-his acts were all non-violent as well, but it was a revolution of the time.


The best so far..

do the bullwinkle

I love how it's not the kind of thing you'd expect to see on threadless.


the reseblence to the socialist party is too great to ignore


i like it but it doesnt give a message accross when first looking at it, and i dont think red cross would aprove this design but i like it because it does in fact remind me of obey giant


hey thats the socialist party in denmarks logo...

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