is it a bird? is it a plane?

Watch this

optional? you design somehting you should stick to it. banner or no banner are 2 different designs. what am i voting on... why am i even commenting i dont like the design either way.
someone else might tho.


I like the birds, neat take on that design scheme.


Those beak propellers would look
better if they were spinning.

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placement could be lower.

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love it on red without the banner


Hmn, I have a shirt similar to this with just two regular birds and they are placed a little lower with the words "love" and "peace"


I like the pink, just because the colors are pritty. The pun is shallow.
What does 'Alis volat propriis' mean???


I looked it up in an online Latin >>> English dictionary, and it had no idea....


Yes please! The blue and red version on dark blue, without the banner, although I sort of think there could be better colors for this. I love the placement, don't make it lower, I don't want it directly over my boobs!



i like the funky colors on the color options.


I don't know Latin, but I did use a dictionary, too, and it seems to me like these are fragments of words or incorrect conjugations.
Just based upon my knowledge of romance languages, I would say "volat" is supposed to convey flight (vol, vuelo) and maybe "propriis" is supposed to be the word for "own" (propre, propio)...but I really don't know.
Aside from that, I don't like the placement or mirroring of the shirt. What if you just did one bird/plane and have it centered and larger?


Alis sounds like alas which means wings in spanish, volat sounds like to fly and propriis sounds like property. yeah, its just random bull.


in most romance languages, the verb for "fly" also means "steal" -- so it could be a latin pun. i love the idea, but i might like a simpler design.


you have morphed birds with planes very succesfully!! They actually work! Good job :)
I like it without the banner


really awesome.
better with no banner.


it basically looks like birds with planes going up their ____.


meh. i'm so over seeing people with those tattoos. so the idea of seeing people walking around with them on tshirts isn't thrilling me. also, i agree with the person who commented about choosing a design and sticking with it.

on a totally unrelated note, i remember your site from way back in the days when i had a blogsite. eheh! i used to use your craft section all the time :D


Wow man, your colors are wacky.

Kind of a cool design, keep working. It has tattoo written all over it.

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All I can think of when I see this is the lame tattoos that the guy in Sugar Ray has. And...that's just not gonna fly for me.




soo cliche
AND im still clueless on what it even says.. id get so annoyed wearing a shirt and people asking me all the time what it says..

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it's hard to see at first glance.


One possible meaning of this could be "It flies with/by other characteristics." Its hard to tell without context though.


Why do people feel the need to be dicks about shirt designs? It's not like birds and Latin actually offend your sensibilities. I kinda like it, though I agree that the placement could be lower.



I love swallows and I like it much more than many of the new designs I just looked at. I like the phrase, "She Flies With Her Own Wings." (I'm not a Latin scholar, so I don't know if "Alis" is only a feminine subject...) I might even wear it. But, why fighter planes? I feel like I might be missing something. Or maybe it's just random. I do agree that the propellers are a bit hard to see. Maybe if they were at an angle. It took me two glances to see that these were also planes, at first.

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I like it I think it's cool

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