hoping it helps

  • by d3d
  • posted Apr 13, 2006

just a little girl doing what she can to make life a little more pleasant.

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I actually think this is sort've mean. I mean, in my head the next scene is the man waking up, and yelling at her to stop drawing all over his stuff.


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Ysabrylla Noakes

I really like this.... cute and original (I think if I see another shirt of hearts, hands, trees or globes I'm going to puke)... well done!

Dark Visions

Easily my favorite Red Cross submission so far. $5!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

By far and above the best Red Cross submission so far. And...the second best is yours too d3d. Good work on not being so damn obvious.
Even if this wasn't for the Red Cross contest, it would probably get printed. The design totally stands on it's own. This is just awesome.
I'd buy it.


$$$555 This is my very very favorite of all the Red Cross subs that have ever been submitted in the history of the world. I thought you should know that.


best so far, for sure. i'm loving it. great style, great concept overall. this is what threadless should be printing. $5.


This is the first american red cross that I would actually be willing to buy!
This is fabulous, and hits very deep with me.
I am absolutely in love with this. I will definitely buy this.


I didn't like it until I noticed the sandwich. Very nice.


Great. $5


my goodness. this is honestly reallie good.
definitely better than all those red hearts and stuff. and the colors are love.



the sandwich is important... it's helping to balance out the feeling of mockery of homeless people... as it is, I'm still uneasy about how it could be read... beautiful illustration, but a little too close to being disrespectful. 3.5

M. R. Murphy

would red cross really want this representing them? can you see them selling this on their website? i really love the design, but i think it would have done better as a regular submission. i'll still $5 it, but just in case it doesn't win, i hope you re-sub it as a regular entry.

No. 45

This is one of your best works, d3d


BEST one out off all the running so far. I love it
Kudos to you. Please make this into a tee.
I love funny humor like this, but when it's not shallow, it has tru hummor to it, it's priceless.


Let me rephrase that. I didn't realize this was for the Red Cross, it's NOT a red cross tee, it would suck as a red cross tee. It needs to be a threadless tee.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

this is going to be the one to beat.
great job leon.


This is great, love the colours. Finally a red cross sub without any hearts. $5


The concept is incredible, and the execution. WOuldn't buy or wear but I'd give a huge thumbs up to anyone who did, 5.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

d3d your designs are always sooo involved, i think your talent would almost be better appreciated as illustrations because your ideas are very fresh...


what. blowing my mind. $5


haha the red cross DOES have a homelessness response program..(although it may have been cut at many chapters)

but yeah. awesome.

Ava Adore

oh my, just wow,, awesome


oh -- you're good.


This is so touching. And the illustration is so nicely done!


Definitely appreciate the original thinking that went into this and the colors and design itself but I can't help but see the girl's actions as a cruel, or at least naive, prank. That and the GIANT bottle of hooch really seem to trivialize the problem of homelessness for me.

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

I love it very much. 5

senor spicy pants

i really love this idea. this shirt makes me happy!


I think you're brilliant.
I don't know how you come up with these things.

...J'adore the idea and execution. I know one of your designs is going to win this competiton, it just has to.

Rock on.




WOW! I love it. I would so buy this.


The bottle inside the homeless mans box looks like a wine bottle to me, I think it would be nicer if that was excluded and a watter bottle was next to the sandwhich

andyg profile pic Alumni

Not something I would wear, but excellent idea and execution! Great job.


5 and buy.


Absolutly stunning. Like the contrast used. $5~!

The Captain of Awesome

I almost never post if I cant get into the top 5 comments, but I just want the artist to know this.

You have a future. This is brilliant, and the art on it is decent as as well.

I hope you go far; and with talent like this, I think you can.

Daniel Annis

very impressive. check out my subs.

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