Rawk Scissors Paper

poorly executed.

Watch this

isn' it rock paper scissors? u have rock, scissors,paper? im confused

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I think it's okay. In fact, my problem is a small one: most people call it "rock-paper-scissors".

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Oop... Got in just a bit too late, I did! :)


Good idea just you need to fix it up a bit. 3


zzzz...."Hey Pat, wake up dude."

"Is he ok?"
"Yeah, I guess... he's drooling though."
"Wow, maybe we should call the hospital, it could be some kind of seizure."
"wait, move the mouse, it might have something to do with his compu...."
both figures collapse

Thus concludes another frightening chapter of the horrendously awful shirt design case-files.


This has been done before. I had a paul frank shirt with this on it

No. 45

let me guess, your last design had some toast with legs and faces being eaten or a panda hugging a robot holding a flower?


Why "Rock Scissors Paper"? Why not "Rock Paper Scissors" Like it really it?


'Rawk'?! Are you kidding me?! You HAVE to be a 15 year old girl...


i've heard it called rock scissors paper. that's lame to make it a big deal, but aside from that...i feel like i've seen this before...


where I'm from we call it paper rock scissors, actually lol either way I'd have to say I do not like this shirt.


Rock Paper Scissors!


rock paper scissors or scissors paper rock, no middle scissors :(


rock is a fist, though. not that rock thingy. =[


um, i grew up saying "paper, scissors, rock." but uh. that's just me.


it looks more like "rock, peace, stop"


your missing a very important hand signal: the "fuck you" sign. Please redesign this to include the "fuck you" sign.


This is like the millionth rock paper scissors submission I've seen in only a few months. Let's get creative people.

Sorry man, no.


Dude, forget all these people who don't get. It it ROCKS! lml, man!


is a gunslinger

I grew up saying Paper Scissors Rock too. But either these submissios are getting annoying and worse. And this one is just old.


I swear to god, I have a drawing of this. Someone drew me this. I love the idea but this was poorly done.

Bizzle my nizzle

If I was drinking a Sessions beer I would wear this shit. Love the idea.


i hope this isn't rock paper scissor

i don't really get the idea of putting a hand, peace sign, and rock on together


eugh. Nyech. Gyech. This ought to be found in a department store along with all those shirts with the monkey with underwear on its head, and the happy bunny saying mean things. It's way too... un-creative. Not creative enough. Sorry. I don't want to sound mean, or anything, it's just I don't really like this at all...


Is this your first submission? If so, don't let all the criticisms bring you down. Not a bad idea, but now you know that you should work on the execution a little more for next time. Good luck with your future designs. :)


its rock paper scissors.
no rock scissors paper.
poor execution.


"rock on, peace, stop" thats what i first got - i was confused and didnt like it
then i read the title... and you said rawk - then it made more sense.. sorta, and then hated it

1) be more creative, one more rock paper scissors shirt and im gonna snap
2) dont use the rock on hand sign
3) DONT EVER say "rawk"
and 4) put effort into your design, three hand outlines isnt going to win you a thousand smackers

sorry for seeming like a bitch but.... honestly, come on.


It's been done before, on here too.

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i like the message.

hey, people have different ways of saying the phrase- stop telling this person that he/she did it wrong! goodness, you guys are so stubborn.


i like this shirt but ive seen something similar somewhere.


Rock Scissors paper is kind odd. Maybe go back in time, reverse it and then don't make the t-shirt all together.


who cares what order it goes.
I'm from Australia, we say scissors paper rock.
Think it could have been done better, and has been, but still... nice idea.

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