weather forecast

  • by indulon
  • posted Apr 11, 2006

"I get the news I need from the weather report."

Simple but nice. I don't like the lady chopped off. Ground her somehow.

Watch this

I agree with alacyt


I really love the concept but I can't stand that she doesn't have a face, maybe have her smiling.
I'm not crazy about the t-shirt color either...


ahhhh i love what it does to my eyes!

no pain, no gain!


Gotta love the Paul Simon reference, alacyt. And this is an awesome design.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

Nice concept!


I also like the concept but the art (woman) could use some work also a different color


I think the girl needs to go...

back to the kitchen!

no, I just think the 3 pics can stand alone, and be even more stunning.


my eyes dont like this but i do, just not on this colour


I feel like I need a pair of 3-D glasses to look at...


Nice it hurt my eyes




this is cool, reminds me of my "Secret Machines" shirt (it's a band kiddies). $5

p.s. I swear to od no one better say this shirts emo or some ignorant crap like that


next up on the weather channel: headaches!!!

did everyone bring their 3d glasses? no? well thats ok, your only missing a poorly executed political statement. next time you should try not to suck.


like the design but cringe at the shirt colour...


hurts my eyes. put it on a different color. also, if you stagger the trailing off points on the woman it will look a bit more fluid. otherwise a great shirt.

oh... and dont mind Grak, he's been pissing on everyone's parade today. i believe he has a problem with independant thought.


color... hurts... eyes....

nice concept tho.


I love this. Reminds me of those "what to do in a nuclear attack" adverts during the cold war. Maybe it's one being broadcast during an attack which is why the tubes have been knocked out of line?


totally awesome.


great execution of a silly/simple/painful topic



I love this, absolutely great. $5


Mr.Grak that was harsh.
i like the concept, but i'd like to see it on a shirt sort of instead of just the design, and the colors do hurt the eyes..


good concept.. bad execution


" this is cool, reminds me of my "Secret Machines" shirt (it's a band kiddies). $5"

ah yes, my first thought was my Secret Machines shirt (which I love)..
but maybe pick a color combo that doesnt hurt your eyes as much?


No lady + less painful colors and it would probably work better.


i think this would be great on a different color. red and yellow feels too much like mcdonalds to me. the eyestraing effect is nice!


The colors also hurt my eyes. I'd buy if the lady wasn't there, and the whole faux-3D thing wasn't going on.


gahhhh headache! I love the concept and everything about it i just wish it didn't hurt my eyes to look at it.


I think that this shirt, as a shirt, really wouldn't be all that bad to look at. When it's printed on a shirt, the colors tend to soften with the person wearing it. Also, the vivid color will fade after a few times through the wash. I'm not saying anything negative. I really, really like the shirt, I'm just saying that it's not worth it to dislike the shirt because the colors are so crazy.

-also, I think that the designer wanted the colors to play with your eyes.

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if you're not going to get rid of the weatherwoman, then you should give her a creepy smile :D cause all weatherpeople seem to be optimistic about thunderstorms and blizzards and such :P color choice is weird o_O; but i do like the idea!


I like the weather lady, but I would like to see her with a skirt, legs and feet and boring weather lady pumps. I would like it better in a different color scheme. Bombs away!


I'm actually one of those nerds who has 3D Glasses sitting by the computer for just such an occasion...

So of course i would love this shirt, you sly fox.


I think the colors would pop more on a dark grey or black shirt, the lighter red gets lost on the shirt color..


the whole 3-D thing rules, but it might look better with a black background or something. I dunno, I like it though. $5

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Can't abide the 3D-type colour scheme, but an interesting little picture.


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