fight for your right

to what? beat women?...

Watch this

aye, domestic violence was the first thing that came to my mind too.


Too disturbing of an image for me to wear, I'm afraid. Judging on artistic merit... maybe a 3?


If you want to continue with this concept, find a better use of text to explain what that concept is.

If you're going with "punk rock" or "kill barbie" type concepts, you've missed your mark there. I'm all about punk rock, and I have the wardrobe to back that up, but I wouldn't wear this. The only thing punk rock about wearing a shirt like this would be if it were hand-printed, one of a kind, made yourself. My personal ideas of punk fashio don't tend to include mass marketed stuff, and those that go for the mainstream "hello kitty punk" tend to buy from hot Topic - much glossier of "finished" images.

Hope this helps.


this kinda looks like an NSPCC advert.



i doubt this has anything to do with the punk band the germs
i actually have very little idea what it has to do with


no thank you :)


is the "germs" included in the print on the shirt?
i think the woman fought for her right...
and I think it is cool....

you guys are looking from the wrong side at this piece...


I'm not diggin the random white in her hair. ??


Hmmm. Nothing about this is really capturing my attention. It's just ugly enough to make me write this, but not ugly enough to really make a point.


To beat your ho if she likes it and it makes her feel cool like when arm braces were fashinable.


not on yellow. on blue?


5! I love this shirt simply for its ambiguous promotion of domestic abuse or cat fights.


not so much.


let me first apologize for saying, she looks like lindsay lohan on a night out...

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