...wasn't built in a day...

slow down, young beaver

Watch this



how cute is this. aww.


aw cute! i like the sun.
lol i feel like a bigger beaver should be saying to his son "one day, all this can be yours!"


its nice to see a personified sun without shades.

this be good


dont print in yellow.


Nice overall design.

I'm really liking the sun
and the cool cloud with it.

Ava Adore

0o0o, very smooth

Andy_Mason profile pic Alumni

phones, you are so right... i mean, why would the sun wear shades, wouldnt that just cause alot of glare in his own eyes?

anyways, back on the subject of this awesome shirt, i love it. its very cool and i would wear it for at least 3 days a week, if i only own 4 other shirts. but the point being, it would definitely make its way into my regular rotation. $5

Eye Van

5$. I dunno why, but I'd love to wear it.


Very nice. I like the sun a lot.


Awesome, I love it on yellow.


why is the beaver holding an axe? doesn't he use his teeth?

by the way, it really doesn't matter to me. i love it anyway. it make me happy! yay! i want it.


.onion profile pic Alumni

cute design


I like the style you used for the sun and grass and flowers etc...I would have liked it if you had used it on the beavers and stumps too - that would have sold this for me.


Its deffinately cute but its a bit... YELLOW. don't cha think?


Love the design, could it be on a dif't colored shirt?

bombshield profile pic Alumni

yes, I'm quite sure tshirt colors can be changed


OMG, it gives me people bumps! I want it!

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