ange & demon

  • by bettybob
  • posted Apr 05, 2006

great illustration.

i think this will do well. people will probably say it's too big, but i like the size.

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is that a girl angel? and are they in love or trying to start a fight?.. cant figure that out cuz the angels face look pissed off


love it. Would wear it!


i like it, reminds me of preacher comics, i think there would be more tension if her hand wasn't touching his chest. good job.


the size fits very well for the design. The illustration is very good but i wouldnt wear it. 4


I love the angel's baldness. Seriously I love it.


Interesting take on the whole angelic/demonic. I feel like they have a strange infatuation with each other, but it could be me...Still! Very cool, size-worthy to boot.


very nice 4


Awesome, I would love to wear this!! 5$


love it too, but i wish the illustration was on the back instead of the front...i'd still buy it. :)


Ooooh, you could cut the sexual tension with a knife...


I wish the angel had hair. Other than that, splendid.


I don't like the angel's hand on the devil's chest. But other than that it's really good.


I kind of wish the angel had hair aswell. I like it though, and would still wear it. $5


I like it if it won't be too small (I like the size on your pic)




I like how his tail is curving around her leg. Nice. I'd wear it.


This design reminds me of something a high school teacher once said about gender stereotypes, and I'd love to see this design done exactly the same except with a male angel and a female demon. Anybody else feeling this?


Am I the only one that has a problem with the devil's horns?

They don't seem perspectively even to me. The right one looks way too far forward and up on his head.

If that was fixed, I'd buy it.


I also agree with Booper, the horn on the Devil's right side is misplaced.

Wilde Nut

Why can't the girl be evil and the guy an angel?

Paranoid Android

if you give her hair don't give her long flowy hair because I HATE IT! STUPID FLOWY LONG HAIR UGH.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I wanna buy this. Now.
I still haven't bought a threadless shirt and I found out about the site about a week ago. Everyone needs to just give this a 5 cause I wanna be wearing this soon.
The size is GREAT by the way. Print!


its interesting but i always thought angels were androgenous. maybe im wrong. who knows.


i reall like this, but she needs hair. George got rejected by a bald woman.

Le Chat Noir

his horns are a little off and the lines in the back of her torso make her look a little bulky, but i like it a lot too. it might be interesting with the genders switched if you feel like trying it out.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

I think I'd like this better if they were gettin' their freak on!

Devil oughtta be doin' Angel doggy-style!


This may be because I'm sheltered, but this is one of the first devils that I have seen with wings and it didn't seem out of place at all. I like the tail going around the leg. Very well done.


Her left arm is kinda weird, and tells too much of the story.
Her feet are as big as his.
His horns need adjusting, and his wings don't match his body.
She looks awesome bald, and could maybe lose the halo.


The angel's wings look too far down her back and from up close there's something not quite right about either faces or the shading on the guy


thank you for all comments...


The first thing that popped into my head when I saw this was this sub:

And no no no, I am not in any way being an oh-so-typical threadless member and trying to imply that you ripped off this other sub. I'm mentioning it because when I first saw that other one, there was something I liked about the concept, but to me it felt like it was just a seed that hadn't really grown yet. The illustration was fairly poor, and I felt like it could have been taken further.

Then, I see this your design, and I think "A-ha!!", now THIS is what I was talking about! It's freakin' awesome, and I love it!

I really love the mixture of tension and sexual attraction you have going on here. There is so much aggression and hostility in their faces and the way their shoulders are squared against each other, and yet they're leaning towards each other and her hand is placed on him in this really suggestive manner.

Like someone else said, you get the feeling they each want to beat the crap out of the other, then bone each other silly.

Oh yeah! I also really REALLY like the way his tail is curling around her ankle. I don't know whether or not this is intentional, but the way it's kind of going through his legs makes it appear somewhat phallic, then you have it seductively working its way up her LEG?! Hahaha.. it communicates the sexual intent perfectly. =)



Like MonkeyB, I love how the tail curls around the angel. I really like the illustration! And I choose to differ. I like the baldness of the angel. I think it looks really sexy. ; ) As for the hand placement, it just kind of bother me . I'll really prefer to see the whole hand of the angel on the demon's chest. Tot it'll look much sexier.

Anyway, definitely going to be on my shopping list if it reaches the store! 5bucks and I'd buy it!


I agree with Booper that the horns on the Devil are a bit off. Outside of that one detail, i think this shirt is remarkable and would buy it reguardless. Love/Hate, War/Peace, Passion/Agression leap out from the design. You can't tell if her lips or her fist will be the next thing to touch him. A shirt that invokes the viewer to decide whats next. Interesting.....


i usually hate devil/angel anything but i like this good job :D


I love this!!!


I think this is a beautiful illustration, and I can’t wait to buy it! Not only is the artwork well done but the concept is quite intriguing. Good flirting with evil and evil seducing good in return. I wouldn’t change a thing. (I must say however, those who are complaining about the female angle being bald should watch V for Vendetta and see how amazing Natalie Portman looks without hair.) Keep up the good work my friend, I can’t wait to see your next submission.


I guess I'll be the first to comment on your spelling.

Unless the angel's name is Ange. Then I'll just comment on your poor choice in names.

Nobody needs hair. Stop being fools.


Yes, also reminds me of the Preacher comic. Nice. $5


I love this shirt..please print this! :) I would wear it!


I would REALLY love to have this! The colors and the shading are just beautiful. The other people who commented are right, the horns on the devil look a little off, but I don't mind, I would still like to wear it. The tail of the devil is awesome and I would never have thought to make the angel bald but it really works.

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