Heysoos Was A Brother

  • by staffell
  • posted Apr 03, 2006

yes he was

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i don't think threadless will print on the front and back, but i'm not sure.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

maybe if you said, jesus had black eyes and brown hair... but he was black, he was actually jewish too huh?.... hey there you go, jesus was jewish

but this style... hmmm who is known for doing shirts like that????

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

*wasn't black

tesco profile pic Alumni

I think the point is, he WASNT some blue eyed white guy. This fact alone brings me great pleasure when I think of all the insane neo-conservative christians and there petty prejudices. Anyway, nice typography... but I feel as though you are almost scared to say it.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

well im not catholic anymore... so i dont really care to wear this shirt... religious shirts... oh religious shirts


I'll do without the religious shirts, thanks..


Except he wasn't black, he was Middle-Eastern. This shirt goes against its good intent by lumping those races together.


everyone who finds this shirt offensive needs to STFU.


" Except he wasn't black, he was Middle-Eastern. This shirt goes against its good intent by lumping those races together. "

damn straight.

but would "jesus was arab" ring as well?
or "jesus was middle eastern"?

idk. it's a good idea, though. about 4? wouldn't wear it cos i'd probably get some holy kid attack me.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

I don't think the shirt is saying he was black as in afro-american black, merely that he wasn't (as tesco rightfully said) the blond haired, blue eyed, pale skin dude all the renaisance painters depicted in their paintings (and hence why we now have that image of him in our collective subconscience)

Jesus was indeed a dark man. read the history books.


MAYBE....you should say that JESUS WAS NOT WHITE....because...he wasn't black, but he wasn't white either.


i like the color options a lot, tho im not sure i could pull off wearing that.


well in case nobody here has seen the movie Dogma,

Chris Rock's character (Rufus, the 13th apostle) was not written into the Bible because he was/is black. He repeatedly makes it a point of emphasizing the fact that "Jesus was black", the racial and sexual descrimination that went into writing said holy book, and how he was stoned to death protesting its publication, etc, etc.

so whether or not this shirt is a refrence to the movie, and regardless of Jesus's true ethnicity, its an interesting idea to be used strictly for offending those who would be offended.


you get a 5 because of the "AMEN" on the back. thats genius.


agree...jeasus was not white would be better, but youre probably looking for shock with your polycotton philiosophy.


Cassius Achaean

Just a thought, but the Middle East is about one Red Sea away from the continent of Africa, and wouldn't communication and interaction between both tan skinned and black skinned people be extraordinarily common, much like seeing a Cuban in present day Florida? So, Jesus could be black. In fact, he could easily have been myriad variety of colors. Jesus probably wasn't a greenish hue, I'm going to guess...
On that note: $5.


woah... jesus wasnt green...? damn... ive been living a lie... haha


While I understand and agree with the idea behind it, I don't think Threadless is the right place for that kind of shirt.

Also, all I can think of right now is Eddie Izzard talking about the Crusades:

"I kill you for your dark skin, for Jesus was a white man from Oxford!"
"What? No, he wasn't! He was from Judea, a dark skinned man such as we!"
"Oh. Well then. Uh. We've come a long way. Would you mind terribly if we hacked you to bits? You know, for the press back home."


Arg, I hate it when shirts like this come on Threadless and people say crap about how they'd "probably get some holy kid attack me" and talking about "insane neo-conservative christians and there petty prejudices." Isn't it an awfully petty prejudice to believe that Christians are insane and are now flipping out b/c they just found out that gasp Jesus isn't white? He was only portrayed as white because those paintings so ingrained in the collective mind were created by white people who just didn't think about the actual historical Jesus. I agree that Jesus wasn't white, but he most likely wasn't black either, as many have already said. He was Jewish, he would have been dark skinned, short, and not particularly attractive, as shocking as that sounds. He was an average looking guy. It's all over the Bible. Even his name was average. Jesus was such a common name that the murderer who got off the hook when the crowd decided to crucify Jesus instead was named Jesus. The Bible calls him Barabbas, but that was his LAST NAME. So there. Jesus = average looking, typical Jewish guy. Jews were not black.


lol verrrrry funny i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



who would wear this?!


i like it!


"regardless of Jesus' nationality"?
He was middle eastern, you crazies!
So not black, but kind of mocha colored.
But the point is well taken.
And Jesus WAS jewish


being a jew has absolutely nothing to do with race, people of all ethnicities are jewish because it is a religion

i also find it a little ridiculous that people are debating whether or not Jesus was black, the text can mean a lot of things or maybe it is supposed to be literal, regardless everyone is only going to interpret in their own way

Little Liana

Yes, he was dark-skinned. I've got no problem with y our politics... I just think the shirt is pretty boring.

Maybe come up with an asthetically-interesting graphic to illustrate your point?



been done. don't care.

and FYI:
many people in the Arab world (as in most parts of the world where skin color comes in many shades) - call anyone darker than themselves "black" - (this coming from people i know from iran, turkey, palestine, india, cuba, jamaica, brazil...)

one persian woman i know who's skin is several shades lighter than mine, green eyed, and has naturally light brown hair, was called "black" and ridiculed by her own family members because her features were darker than theirs

it's all a matter of perspective


this ranks up there with "unicorns are horny"... a) it's bound to get someone who believes in unicorns all upset, and b) it's not particularly heavy in art or design.


well the bible describes him as having skin the color of bronze and hair like lambs wool. sounds pretty black.

i hate all those depictions of him as the handsome buff super cool guy in all the movies, even the new one, i havent read it myself but im pretty sure the bible also says he was unnatractive...


so great...........
people are using the bible as a historical reference....as if ANY of it was written when Jesus was actually alive. please. the idea of Christ was agreed upon at the council of nicaea, where, parts of paganism, aryanism and christianity were combined into what's now believed to be christianity. it was a bunch of dudes in power deciding how to keep themselves in power by keepin the people in the dark to the truth.
why? fuck, figure it for yourself.
but back to the shirt. funny idea to cram a slogan/maxim/sentence together. when you read it in yr head it sounds weird until it comes together and then i laugh. anyway, if it causes people to get uppity and uncomfortable, youre probably on to something.


-5$ for being fucking retarded.
Jesus was black... wtf. It would have been cooler if you wrote "Jesus Was Middle Eastern".


or "jesus, if alive today, would probably hate the west"


What a stupid thing to say! What kind of difference would that make anyways?


of course it's stupid, i'm being ironic. he'd probably just accuse chestnuts of being lazy.


but won't that imply that he's british?


umm icky religious shirts.
im not saying jesus isnt black or isnt white.
im just saying i dont like religious shirts in general


Jesus didn't exist, so he couldn't have been ANY color!

twniehaus profile pic Alumni

5$ i love it.


fuck! my image of Buddy Christ is WRONG?! NOOOO!!!1

but now i don't have any sort of religious justification for keeping down the darkies? what's next, equal rights for bitches?!


Well I'd just like to say that my bootylicious 25 percent (represent!) would pull this off beautifully.

Yes yes I know he was olive-skinned.

And taintedluv, Jesus did exist. There's pretty much no doubt in any historian's mind that he did. However, whether he was a saviour or the son of "God" (if there even is a god) is the tricky part.


I Dont Think This Is Offensive, I Just Dont Belive In Jesus

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