Happy Family

This is my first design. Hope you all like it! Does anyone remember (the original version) of these toys? I know they took them off the market about 15 years ago because children kept eating them.

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Family Portrait?


I like the style


looks the goth version of a shirt that was alread printed.


i remember them! i had a ton of them. and the house and barn and parking garage and zoo...ah good times. fisher price still makes them, but they aren't the same at all. the have hands and feet now!

and good first design.

Big Ed

That is freaking fabulous. Who gives a rat's ass if they already printed a Little People shirt? This one is totally different. In fact, they complement each other nicely.


I would like it better if the image was slightly smaller


^ agree with Shope smaller image neat idea tho...


Excelent family. Goog characters.


Sunny Day Realestate


the lil girl looks like me when i was 16 and in that GOTH manson faze!! awsome very cute $5


very nice design, and idea jeje $5


5$ I love it.


I had those EXACT little people toys! (Only they werent in straight jackets...)


I had no idea there was already another shirt with little People that had been printed here. And I had never heard of Sunny Day Real estate . Where was I when the Little People started making a comeback?


I love little people but I would like it more with the original ones not goth...


that poor little people couple gave birth to good charlotte fans! aiie!

i would still so, so wear this.


I have a shirt wit h almost this exact design...not sure where it came from though...

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Yeah, this is a little too reminescent of Famuily Portrait, but I still really like this, I hope it gets printed, and I'll sure as hell buy it if it does. $5


I think it would be funnier if you made the parents blonde .. so that people would infer that the kids dyed their hair black when they retardedly became goth. And also, the contrast between the happy, normal parents and the funky looking kids would be greater.

But besides that, I like it! I personally wouldn't wear it, but I think it's cute and I can see others buying it. =)


I really like the idea, but like some others said, someone already did a design that had these toy people on it. I myself wouldn't buy it, but it seems every one on threadless is an emo goth kid, so you know your audience and you'll go far. 4.


Playskool Little People


So what if it's been done before. It DOES compliment the other one well.

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rock on garth! 5

Borf JR

ughy the execution and detail is wonderful, but i think that its just a shirt for all those emo kids...


Yeah Family Portrait is why your going to get a low score from me. However I think your design skill is great so I would really like it if you kept up with this.


I LOVE IT !!!!!!! PLEASE PRINT !!!!!!!!!!!!! 5$ Lady you did a great job


If the idea had not already been used, I would say good job. But Family Portrait...yeah.


I like it, but maybe the parents should be wearing clothes with color, or at least white.


1.) parents should be wearing light colors
2.) image should be slightly smaller

besides those two things i <3 it !


Why are the goth kids so happy?


wickedly fresh! <3


"ladyofshalott, at 5:27pm on Apr 5, 2006
Where was I when the Little People started making a comeback?"

when you were 8...

i almost like this better than family portrait...


I think this would be better if the parents were not in black/normally...or are theye supposed to be gothic too?

something vague

oh man... i remeber those things.... they rocked my childhood world. props.. i like this one a lot. i would make the design smaller too... but i love it otherwise.


ozbourne family (sp?)?


those kids so look like jack and kelly osborne


I think the idea is really cute. I wish they had little play-skool goth kids when I was 4. I just wouldn't wear it .... so ... 5 (but no $)


man i played with these toys all the time as a kid. i had the houses, cars and everything. man the nostalgia

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