In Memory. 911

  • by Riv3r
  • posted Mar 31, 2006

This design is dedicated to 9/11. You don’t see much of it around anymore so this was inspired to keep there memory alive so that they would not be forgotten.

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I'd like it better without the "911." People will get the point without it..

Nice design though.


"You don’t see much of it around anymore..."

that's funny. i don't like the design but i'll give you some points for saying something that ridiculous.


i haven't seen those buildings since 9/11 either.


The design is good, I just have mixed opinions about 9/11 and it's not something I want to wear... the 911 text especially is bad.


like the disign style, not the isea

Big Ed

I think the 911 on the shirt is definitely superfluous. Everyone who sees those towers immediately knows to what you're referring.

But I admire what you're doing.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

some people mourn after death, some embrace it and rejoice... i am one of the latter, and i feel no need to wear a shirt reminding me and others everday of such an event

streetwise profile pic Alumni

nice design but, sad reminder. that day's still fresh in my mind.


NOT t-shirt material. I'm sure your style is great though.


WHY don`t do CIA-work on T-ahirts??...nice one.FUCK OFF dam BUSH and CIA..YEAHHHHHHHHH FUCK U...but cool shirt

Borf JR

I really love your talent and form of design, but i really don't like this shirt. Yes 9/11 was a terrible disaster, but still, not my type of shirt.


In meomry. 911 (thritythousand peolpe died that day because they had nothing to eat)

sry if my English is bad, working on it.


i'd buy it in the towers had sad faces.


cool style but i dont want to wear such a horrible memory.


The 911 reminds me of a house number for some reason. I agree that it looks kind of cool, but I wouldn't wear it.




design is great, not for a t-shirt.


You honestly think people have forgotten about this. Explain, how is this design honoring 911, how is a blast coming from the 2nd tower and a city scene below it honoring anything. Are you showing what happened, what is the reason behind this thing.


911 was a tragic day for America, and I think that though we ought always remember, it is time to move past it. I don't need a trendy splatter/drip tee to remember it.


amazing artwork. please make more shirts and understand that we are loving your style. its just the material. its like total sex.


I actually like this quite a bit. Clever, very clever Riv3r


Sorry, but I'm not quite sure how flinging paint at a picture of the towers is supposed to honor the memory of those who died there.


maybe the splats honors the people who jumped out of the building


This shirt just screams "mock me."

...throws paper air plane at shirt


No this is not ment to MOCK just HONOR those that DID DIE or LOST LOVED ones ok. It is also a reminder of what happned and what can still happen and how fragile our state of "Peace"really is its all symbolic based on a solide design if you dont like it cool but hey just take a moment and REMEMBER and HONOR those people and not censore it. Ok i know im getting flamed for it but hey this is my opinion and how i expressed it and tomarrow is a new day.


i like the design but i wouldnt want to wear it due to thousand of unwanted conversations being started.


k this is well done but the wear this will only hurt people that see it!! having that thrown in your face is horrible. that day that image is burnt in our memmories forever we do not need a t-shirt with it.

Sorry your heart was in the right place ..... but this is not a good idea!


I lost a loved one in 9/11

pILAMY: Your a fucking idiot, please die.

Little Liana

I can REMEMBER and HONOR, and still not like this shirt.


Get rid off the 911. I wouldn't wear it. Awesome illustration though. 4


So your idea of a memorial to 11/9 is to vomit on the towers?


It might make a good painting... five years ago.
It's not a good t-shirt idea.


It was 5 years ago...OMG SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT.

Not forgetting is one thing, but not using it to purposely gain money is bullshit.


The splattering is unnecessary. It could almost be perceived as a pro-911 image, IMHO

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I like the look of the design. I would never wear this, ever.
I also actually agree with Killerlamb, I don't think that putting this image honors the victims of 9/11. Threadless would be making money off the tradgedy then, and you would be putting $2000 into your pocket to "honor" those people. Maybe if all the money was given to some victims of 9/11 fund, but...I think it's about 5 years too late fot that.
Also, nobody will ever forget that day. Sorry...I don't need a tshirt to remember it.


I must be dumb - where is the text?


I must be blind...i can't see the text.


Nicely drawn
blood splatterd exploding buildings


fischer542, at 5:18pm on Apr 6, 2006

maybe the splats honors the people who jumped out of the building

Killerlamb, at 11:41pm on Apr 6, 2006

It was 5 years ago...OMG SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT.

You Guys are Fucking Assholes. I'm sorry, I usually have nothing against people voicing their opinions. but seriously Fischer, are you that much of a jackass? and Killerlamb, did you lose anyone in 9/11? is that why you can be so ridiculously obnoxious about this type of thing? do you think families that lost fathers and husbands and wives and sons should just 'shut the fuck up about it'? How do you know that riv3r's DAD didn't die in this tradgedy or something, wouldn't you feel like a FUCKING DICK if maybe he did?
That's what I thought. Fuck both of you.


I'm sorry Riv3r. had to get that off my chest. My dad cleaned up the 9/11 site, and he would love this. Don't worry, your efforts ARE appreciated


Nice deisgn, very clean... don't know if it's something I'd buy an wear, but I'd buy a poster of it.

"It was 5 years ago...OMG SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT."

Grow up.


The splatter-bottom should look like a hand. The towers should look like two fingers - a peace sign. Put some subway/vein tracks in the hand, some grafitti.
Get rid of the


I don't think we need a t-shirt to help us remember. This is just another way for someone to capitalize off of the emotional trauma of others. First the country songs, then the yellow ribbon car magnets, and now this. Capitalism at its best!

The design is pretty good, but you should use your talents to make something worthwhile.

Almost forgot. If you guys REALLY wanted to honor those who lost their lives you would do some research. Here's a starting point:


That shirt could totaly be taken in the wrong way I mean its a good idea but that big spot next to the right tower could resembal a explosion and people could thik its like supporting terrorism or some thing I dont know Its a good idea I like the look but it could be taken in the wrong way to easy.


probably one of the worst times ever to execute the paint splatter thing.
nice going


i really like the design but like lots have said, not the reminder.


The splatters are pretty inapropriate.

I'm tired of everyone trying to make money off of 9/11


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