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  • posted Mar 28, 2006

The girl looks like ChunLi from the Street Fighter game.

Kinda like it but not too sure about the black face.

Gd work.

Watch this
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i think this would look really cool on a black shirt with white ink everywhere this one has black.


nice, but it is chun li.


Enough anime designs already.


chung lee?


ends of the fingers are missin prehaps from an incomplete original pinched imaged you used

Easy Jack

Yeah that's an edit of a piece featuring Capcom's Chun-li. Thinking it's artwork from the Alpha/Zero series.



and yet another crescent moon and star on your sub (hmmm...)
- at least it isn't with men wearing balaclavas this time.


hahaaha yatta!..... ....

i carnt spel

Damb cool design interpritation of a cartoon. three words my freind.

Spinning bird kick...


Haa haa haa! Oh man, that is SO Chun Li!


^^ There ya go. Copywrighted material.


Thanks people, Spinning bird kick!! yeah this is an edited version of a chung li image but it just sort of came together and i thought it worked with the Chi idea. The original chung li image does not look stenciled, the colours are different,and she has two studded bracers not one. I like the four shapes I put in, Square, star, circle , and trangle, no one seemed to notice them yet. You may be able to find the orignal of this image but the concept and what i done to it is original.

MLnewco, dierenerd, dcrandell, rudra - whats the matter with you guys just come one here to snubb my ideas and dont even leave advice or anything, theres some sort of design and artwork snobbery that seems to go on this site, its a bit pathetic. Ive just got into design and am playing with all sorts of ideas and concepts theres no need to get all high and mighty.

LoL.. Peace

  1. Pointing out your reference piece is not snobbery, it was for people who might not know what character you are inspired by.
  2. Changing the colors and adding a few shapes does not make the image your own—yet. The lines are too similar and whether or not you just selected them with the lasso tool, that's what it looks like.
  3. The hand ends too abrubtly, try finishing the rest of it.
  4. Look at fan art galleries. See how people can be inspired by something and yet make it their own.

mlnewco is right....changing the colors isn't "artistic". all this design shows is that you know how to use the pen tool effectively.


Yeh!! Chun Li from Street Fighter 2. Good i was obsessed with that game.


This design is sad. Seriously... you're saying that you made it your own by adding some random shapes?



mlenewco thats the snobbary i mean you already post a negative message then come back only to check for a reply and post another negative message. If you dont like my art or what ive done then dont comment at all, give it a crap score and move on, let it go. Its about art, design an ideas not beefin it out in comment posts. Just because this design came from an original image of chung li that doesnt mean i didnt think about what i was doing, and i still put thought into this.

I think this looks cool on a tee and sure people would agree, thats the main thing i thought people would actually worry about, does the image look pleasing and would it work on a tee. Whats wrong with modifiyin images to create a new concept from them? aslong as its not all you do. Ive seen loads of totally original designs on this site with quirky hidden messages and meanings but just look absolutly sh*t and do no work on a shirt what so ever. A design has to look pleasing to the eye thats top priority to me.

Thx people who left a bit ov advice or some constructive crit 4 me, i did draw the rest of the hand in but felt it was throwing the image out of perspective so cut it off again. these are some of the first designs i have created for this site people dont seem to realise im still learning myself, ive got some other cool designs waiting approval too, watch this space!


You make so many references about this being "art", but it's not. It's one thing to be inspired by a character and make it your's quite another to trace an image drawn by some one else, change the colors, and then submit it to a design contest under YOUR name. The COLORS are original.....the SHAPES are (kind of) original....but the design is not. I'm not insulting your style or ability, I know you're new. The problem with this design is that it does not SHOW your abilities as an artist. Period.


thats cool, thx for breakin it down for me happy, i do know what you mean. Im not trying to take all credit for it, claiming ive done it scratch. Jus think it looks really slick on a shirt.

Ive got some designs which i have drawn from scratch pending, hopefully you lot will like em :p


Leave the Chun-li images to Capcom to distribute.

Stick with original artwork.


therealchriss: word

legitfit: I look forward to it :)


Also, keep in mind that distributing a design like this could get Threadless sued.


... so like i can just take some famous artists work and add a lil dot to it, make up some new concept, and it'll become mine? shit why didnt i think of this i could make millions selling those</sarcasm> k, ill give u some crit.. what did you use to select hte character?.. u did okay, but there's still some jagged edges.. that lil design with 2rings and star looks nice tho im not sure what's those tiny square and a triangle is doing there.. feels like they dont belong in there.


I am posting again not to be negative, but to clarify my intentions to legitfit. How is posting the url a negative comment? Some people who are not familiar with anime may not know the character Chun Li. The url is to let people know what the discussion was about.

Commenting on the hand IS constructive criticism.

Suggesting you look at other artwork is not to cut you down but to suggest ways you can take inspiration and adapt it to your own unique style.

Sorry you misread me.

M. Rogers

i like it BECAUSE it looks like chun li. can you offer some other color schemes?


Is there a place where i can upload alternate images of my designs?


The triangle and square look like after -thoughts and don't flow with the design... I like the intensity!


originality is better.


i like it... and there's only 1 freakin' anime shirt that's been printed. could use more that aren't actually liscensed




copyrighted material + dragonball z = lame.


OMG, this is too good!


If I were a videogamer nerd i might buy this.

do the bullwinkle

The swirly-girl degisgn is overdone, but really, I can't get enough of it!
I would finish her fingers and gte rid of the triangle thing, but other than that, I know a lot of people who would want this.


givin it a crap score and movin on


much cooler if you'd added shapes with a context.. like square, circle, triangle, x for the playstation buttons.. shrug


thats a super cool idea fiskmeshi, not sure if ill go back and work on this one again though.


This is well done but it would have been better if it was your own character!!

Maybe try your own neat time since you do have some talent there!!



Keep doing more designs, don't let the negative comments affect you.

vomit cupcakes

Id buy it if it wasnt a white shirt.


Weeeee........randomly placed triangle.........


id like it so much better if the triangle wasn't there. it's throwing me off so much.


anime designs are not really what i want to buy on threadless
if i liked anime designs,
i would buy them from hot topic

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