The Last Thing I Wanted To Do

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I'd like it better if the half tone dots were actually circles. Nice idea, just needs some cleaning up.


I didn't care for he straight on radials. But, thanks

Wilde Nut

yaaay, Lichtenstein
I'd like to without the list, or maybe a smaller list.


and either smaller thought bubble or smaller to do list. or smaller boht. just too mcuh happening. 4


Idea is nice.

Note and though bubble should be handwritten and not dodgy fonts.

Ticks could never have been drawn with the same pen as the writing.

Halftone is a dodgy tif.

Eyes and tears need major work. the left eye looks like a stuffed olive.


the eyes scare me a bit... and Wilde nut, if you think you can remove the list then I guess you don't get the pun...


Oh yeah, and 5, if you shape it up a bit, I love it :) Sorry to hear about your rough time.


I like this a lot, it looks good and it made me laugh. I'll still give it a 4, but I HATE the fonts. I agree that the text should be hand written. I also wish the to-do list was a little more old fashioned looking, it's too much like a Post-It.


I don't want you to thik I am defending as much as trying to explain my htought process.

First, without hte note and the thought bubble - it doesn't work.

Seocnd, I don't hitnk it matters if the ticks are darker and don't appear to eb written with the same pen. Whn I wrot a to do list I grab whatever to corss thngs off and I made the checks vold to seem more definite and determined.

The note is a handwriting font and the bubble is a comic book font as that id reinforcing the reference.

I wasn't all the crazy about the eyes either. But limited color was an issue. But studying my inspiration ( I realized all white eyes could work.

I really would have liked to do the hair a solid color but it was just too much. too thick lookng for this size. So i went with halftones.

Thanks for all your feedback though they really help me when deisgnign for this site.

Now what the hell is "emo"?


i hve troube typing TH TH please forgive me :)


ugh jusr re-read that I will no longer type without putting the cat on the floor and running spell check -again my apologies.


i like the idea. ive always like comic book illustrations on tshirts too. but her eyes are really bothering me. not the color. the size relation to one another. her left eye isnt as sad as the right one (the droop of the eyelid) and the iris-pupil is off from the right one also. i wouldve liked to see the font written in the original type font for comic too. besides that i really like the idea youre trying to get across. $4


The tears look a little weird.


like the idea, fix the eyes and tear a bit.



Her eyeballs freak me out. But I can't help to think this is a rip off of Roy Lichtenstein


Nice, but the font used in the thought bubble should be changed. I know you say it is a comic book font but there are definitely better ones available, please consider them!


If it was re-worked I think it would get printed in a broken heart-beat. I dont think it needs to be inside a frame. Liechstien's (spell) were bordered by the picture frame and so in this design it feels limited and compacted into the middle of the image and that bothers me. I think this tshirt could really work, just not yet.


I really like this concept, but the illustration needs work. I pretty much agree with everyone else so far as to the changes to make, but I have one more to add: I don't like the numbers on the list. I think they're repetitive and unneccessary.



but PLEASE fix the eyes.


Lose the text and it's perfect

Just Kiddin', looks nice


The only MAJOR problem I see with this are the eyes and tears...


"But I can't help to think this is a rip off of Roy Lichtenstein"

It's not a rip-off. Lichenenstein was a reference. And, saying that you'd have to say he ripped off romane comics.

thank you all for the comments. I'll get this cleaned up.

Wilde Nut

I still think it'd look good without the list,
with the whole comic book romance dramafeeling the bubble works fine


haha, amusing concept, but it really doesn't seem right on a T-shirt...


Are each of her eyes looking in a different direction? Hm...


I like the idea. Although, Roy Lichtenstein tended to use circles mainly because he was trying to imitate newspapers and their printing style. I kinda feel like this design would benifit from that. I would also fix the font in the thought bubble. The font for the To do list is great though. Hmm, I'd definitely take a second look at those eyes. One looks wide awake and the other a bit distraught.


Really like the idea and the artwork looks cool although the eyes are a bit skew, just doesn't work for me on a t-shirt.

Big Ed

It's kind of busy but I really like it. And I don't think the fill needs to be circles.


That's really clever, but I'd never wear it.


its so cool! im in love with it! i want one!


My advice - next time don't mkae hte list

do the bullwinkle

WHOO! Lichtenstein!
I love him.

This is an awesome idea. $5


the list doesn't go w/ the rest of it, the eyes are wrong
and although the pop style was done fairly well
its all a bit too corny


That's clever. $5


i really like this. how would it look on a bright primary blue shirt?


Well said and expressed. An excellent face to a common thing to say.

I'd buy it, not for me but my ex girlfriend.


I love this!! Maybe not in red. A cool color would compliment that bright colors of the picture.


i think it would make an awesome poster/ piece of art
i would love it on my wall but im not sure i want to wear it
the eyes throw me off a little bit
5 though


It's good but it does need a lot of work. Take the advice others have posted -- the werid thing about the eyes isn't their color, but they don't match at all and look a little like a seizure victim's.


The eyes look really strange and not quite right. Fix those peepers, and I'd consider buying it. 4.


I enjoy the pop art, but it's a little too busy...the note...


Interesting style and nice play on a common phrase.

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

right. I think it'd be cool without the list at all maybe?


where would we be without pop art?! lovelovelove...


kinda lame but nice idea


yeah, i would like it better without the massive face. 4

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