The Extra Tasty! Periodic Table

  • by _Wheels03
  • posted Mar 20, 2006

I really like this. The colors and style work well together and it looks as though it took a lot of thought and time. I'd buy it, but I can't really see this design with its current colors and style on a guy.

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Nice! I like it alot, but I liked the one that said extra tasty..
either way is a very clever idea.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

Im sad because of all the shirts ive made for extra tasty... none of them will be able to compete with such a good idea, but this basic idea has been done before, thats the only thing that can hurt you... good luck


wow, that's pretty fancy. a bit much to take in at once, but bery nice.

Wilde Nut

this would look great on the back of a Tshirt.
I'd be weird having to read so much on someones chest


this is shit


Oooh awesome!! I love this. (:


YES ! ! !
a -- > 5 < -- . . . .and . . . $$$ BUY $$$

The concept was worth all the
work you put into this design.
Great work, _Wheels03.


<3 $5


It is nice on the print but i guess not really on a tee.

But a brilliant idea. ;p


I like it on a t-shirt. Thoughtful and fun to read. $5.


this could become my favorite shirt to wear. I don't love the color of the shirt, but the design is tops.


Put it on the back!


Extra points for grouping the tasty elements, rather than just throwing them on willy-nilly.

I also really like the "faded 60's-era science poster" color scheme -- you could even take the saturation down a bit more.

danrule profile pic Alumni

Nice job, and this is just nitpicking, but maybe Al-Alcohol should be replaced with Water?

Because the term is generic and the rest are specific, and Water, as the most common element in any drink, would make a 'better' Hydrogen.

But great job all the same.


awesome concept, its a 5 for sure


I like the concept & colours - think it would look good as a poster.

shredthrashgrind profile pic Alumni

Good, but already been done. 4$ anyways


commenting on danrule's suggestion about
using Water instead of Alcohol in the # 1 spot :

The theme is not just drinking, but drinking
alcoholic beverages. Water dilutes a drink while
alcohol is the main ingredient of the drinks found
on the Extra Tasty website that the contest is for.


wrong, the theme for the extratasty contest is NOT alcoholic beverages, despite the content of the theme for the extratasty contest is quite simply "extra tasty". it's each designer's own interpretation.


If you had used the same abbreviations it would have been clever and a 5. Like this? No. 0.


i like the design alot but the colors gotta go..


wow ddcrandall, you go from a 5 to a 0 because he didn't use the actually letter of the periodic table? seems like a dramatic jump.


This is leaps and bounds beyond every other sub I have seen in matters of creativity. For that, I salute you.

However, I am worried that it would be impossible to read/appreciate without spending entirely too much time spent inches away.


nerd alert?...... its cool


It's been done before, with the actual abbreviations - as aprons and placemats and coffeemugs.

It may've taken time to fill each space and group things - but it's lacking the crartivity i've seen in other extra-tasty subs.


i really like how you assume threadless fans are alcoholics.



Already been done with skateboarding, snowboarding and all sorts of what-not


uh know it's for a competition for awebsite promoting alcoholic beverages


I agree, it should go on the back.... but it's cool! :-)

Jesse Mack
Jesse Mack profile pic Alumni

This is very cool, love the colours, a strong contender for the prize. $5.


Man this is the best shirt i have seen on here in a while yes yes


This should win, hands down. $5


I can't believe someone hasnt pointed this out yet...

but the green series (those two rows) are suppose to be the niche in the blue after elements 54 and 70. They arent a continuation AFTER the blue, they are just the lanthanide and actinides series. Thus, BA should be 55, and SB should be 71, not 79 and 93. That little niche isnt undiscovered elements, 55 and 71, as you portray it. it's a place for the two green rows, but the periodic table would be way too long if it looked like that, so they just put it at the bottom. Sorry for the nitpickiness, but it bothers me that not many people know that.

either way. 5

mezo profile pic Alumni

What ^?

This looks great Wheels, e-buddy! Love the soothing choice of colors.

4 for u!

_Wheels03 profile pic Alumni

ajimmykid, just to let you know, I do realiz e that the periodic table I have above doesn't reflect the actual scientific periodic table. I didn't really want to go into specifics of explaining why all the fruits were located in the middle of the table when I could just as easily put them at the end, which I did.

As far as putting Alcohol as the top ingredient and not water, I originally had Water as the first element, but I didn't use it because Wr wasn't as pleasing to the eye as Al was. Sorry for making the shirt appeal to just alcohol, but I figured you don't go to Extra Tasty to find recipes for drinks like chocolate milk, right?


Pretty cool design, though there are some glaring omissions -- a properly-stocked bar ought to have cocktail onions and Rose's, as well as various liqueurs that escaped mention. I dare you to make a Gibson or Gimlet without them. Also, I believe you mispelled CachaƧa. Fix that and the numbering problem, and you'll have a very printable design. =)


Beer is an element - I knew it!! This is fantastic.


This design really brought out the retard comments. Anyways, good job. ddcrandal and theeannika are complete fucking idiots who shouldn't be allowed to score.


This is so amazingly cool. Science geek vs. glutton.

I LOVE. 5$ for sure.


yeah, ive seen it done on posters b4, but still looks nice on a tee


fuck everyone who doesn't like this, cause I do.

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