he's not cute!!

is he nailing into my chest?

Watch this

that is cool.

definite 4

Mr. Walters
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You need an apostrophe before that s.


Yes. Yes, you do need an apostrophe. Great doodle, however, and clever.


apostrophe is needed... but great design!


We care about grammAR becuase no one wants to walk around with a mistake on their t-shirt. Who's.


Eh, the grammar error isn't a big deal, in my opinion.

Maybe if it was more along the lines of, "wh0z cyut nwo?"

Then I'd be like, "Eh..0."

But, I like this, and would buy it.

Although, I think the execution isn't that great.



I don't think the font matches very well. It looks too grafitti for this design. I do, however, like the rabbit, nails, text. Just not the font.

5, but not buy.


well who said beauty didn't hurt?


rabbits aren't that good at spelling that's all.


Great idea!
I agree that it's better with an apostrophe and a different font...


Grammer is the basis of all written communication. Douche.

i like, but wouldnt buy.


Fix the grammar, fix the nails. I dunno, something just seems off about them.


Without the apostrophe I'd never buy it. With it? Totally. I'm there.


no one else thought of Nail Bunny from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac?


Personally, I don't speak in grafitti, but that's just me.
Change the font and correct the grammar and my vote will skyrocket.

M. Rogers

spelling and grammar are separate issues: that's why your teacher wrote "F for spelling & grammar" on all of your essays.

As "who is" can be the only legible utterance here, "who" needs an apostrophe before the "s".

the nails look cool and the shirt is funny-- maybe even funnier without the text balloon.

Sloppy Joe

this is screaming nail bunny... sever the bunny's head and i might like this. :p


please fix the grammar, and change the font to.......something cutesy for added irony??? Some type of cursive maybe?


what's with the font?


HORRIBLE choice of font, I think that's brooklyn kid font. lol I used to use it back in 98.

font is horrible, change it asap.


haha i like it.. but in totally different color!


I have to agree on the font, but I like this enough to post my first comment. Yes on the grammer change, yes on the font change and I would buy several. Have you also considered cutsie colors? And maybe blood dripping down from the nail marks? Just a little for effect..:)

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