it's not heaven without you

it'd be sweet if his friend or whoever was in hell trying to reach up


I like it though

Watch this

mmm... maybe define the figure of the guy a little more, his lines are confusing...

and if you had his buddy like sitting on a park bench or something, that'd be sweet.


i like honkmore's idea :)
you should have the park bench+friend near the bottom and the guy on the cloud at the top!

Flying Gerbil King

I like the concept a lot, but his figure is hard to distinguish, I think his reaching arm should separate from the torso for distinction.


hahaha samtabsav!! what the hell?!?! most random thing ever... made me laugh tho... hahaha


It could definitly use someone else, though it would probably be better if they weren't reaching up, like they didn't know he was there. It could be more clear as well.


i like that theres no one else, and i like the idea.
i just think its a little too large or too square -- maybe the cloud should be more flattened out and a bit wider.
but still cool.


illustration needs work


definately put the person he's reaching for and it's a $5


I like it... But " honkmore" got great ideas!


NICE , $5


I love it. 4.
I also like the ideas about the other person. preferably, I'd like it to be a girl. ahhh, I'm a sucker for stuff like that.
the drawing could definately use some refinement, and the cloud doesnt quite look right either.


agreed. the cloud doesn't match the way the person is drawn. sweet concept though. kudos.


agh, i like this as it is!!
and kind of androgynous also -
we cant be sure its guy,
which is good.



such a great concept. I PROMISE I will buy this if you work on it a bit more!!


Cheers for the comments guys -

I've put a note along side my other submission so i thought i should do the same for this one.

I take everything on board what you guys have said - there is some great ideas there to be fair. I thought i would try and justify my reasons for the design.

I decided not to put another person in the design so it could appeal to everyone, in every relationship - either male or female

i wanted it to give idea of the person reaching for whoever you personal thought of when seeing the image - I decided to go with a contemporary cloud shape because the previous versions didn't fit - and the person is not detailed because it over complicated things when it was...i wanted the design to be vague enough for everyone to associate with it, but still hold some form of emotion within it.

Hope that's clear things up a little....

Thanks again, me.


I totally agree with the lack of another complete figure, but at first glance it looked to me like someone slumped over a cloud. Maybe you could try putting a hand reaching up or something. That might end up looking really weird, but I think it would clarify things. Still, it's my favorite one today!


I agree it'd be awesome with another person, not noticing... and maybe some words too - so other people would know. Of course, it would also be a good conversation starter.


i love this concept! it doesnt matter if you put the person he's reaching for, just fix the guy's body (it kinda looks awkward) and i'd so buy this!

is a gunslinger

I would only buy this if there was someone on a park bench just sitting there. If not it wouldn't make sense. Unless he's reaching for something else...


I have to concur with the other suggestions of putting somebody down below that the person is trying like hell (pardon the pun) to reach.

Don't put the person he's reaching for in hell though. Just put them on a park bench or standing somewhere.


I have no problem with there not being another person on the shirt... having to use one's imagination is not a bad thing. However, I would like his figure it be more clear.


would like his figure TO be more clear.


TOOO EMO!!!!!!!!!!

but i like the design, with the silouette-like shapes

so, i give it a 4


with the title it's great.. bit plain on its own


his figure is really difficul to make out, but a nice idea.


i like the bench idea. the clouds look like just a whole bunch of circles placed together. beautiful concept, ugly person. you just need touching up, so i'll give this a three for now




I like honkmores idea


Cool concept, perhaps less contrast on the shadow would make it look more congruent.


i dig much. good concept + smooth lines + three shapes total = high design.


thats cool..good concept..and i would love to wear it..


I'd buy it. Love the concept.



the image is not clear.

and not very interesting.


A hand reaching to grab the other hand would make it clearer.


maybe define figure more but i love overall


Beautiful concept!

Just two small gripes about the figure -- the right arm looks just a little bit too short, and I think you should work on the hair. I think the hair should be pointing downward a bit more, like how it'd fall naturally.

That said, I have no idea what kind of gel you can buy in heaven... =)


really nice design and great idea. Good luck!

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