Kids Go Marching!

The line sneakily joins up on the back.

Watch this

love the design but it's too pixelated for me...looks like it was drawn in paint. If you tidied it up I'd buy it.


I doubt if the real version is pixelated like this. probably happened when saving the file or something. can we get a link to a better image? besides that, cool design. it looks like a continuous line drawing, like they make you do in art class.


nice artwork, i really like this....


i kinda like the hand drawn look.

marching bands of manhattan was the first thing to come to mind :)


its cool bc im in a marchn band but mayb more wariety of instruments?


me gusta, pero needs another color for the stripes or instruments or something


matabsav!! great tune! they're coming to vancouver soon in like a month!! woooooo


This is one of very few threadless shirts that I would actually buy. Very cool. 5$


it's a cool illustration but right it's really bland. you need them to be about to walk into a lake or a big hole- something to spice it up!


meh, i could be all critical about the instruments and such, but i'm just stoked t o see a marching band sub, since i'm queen band nerd. i really kinda sorta NEED this shirt, in a life-or-death way, so it'd be nice if it would ge t printed!! :D love it.

$5 x 500000 if i could


this is really nice


I love it! I'm totally a band geek, so I need it too. $5!

Flying Gerbil King

I like the design, but I kinda really hate bandies. So in that key, I'm all for a large hole or lake. (nothing against you all, personally, it's just something of a pig-headed cult at our school)
It's obvious what instruments are intended here, it's clearly not too concerned with being abolutley realiztic. The fact you could say "those aren't ____" shows that they conveyed the information necissary to get the point across.
Nice drawing


you guys rule!!!!! :o)

some people here are too lame and anal, its a stunning design, even better that its hand drawn, the dude with the glasses is mine and amy's favourite. I hope this gets printed so i can wear it around with pride.

much love, and your tenant always.

andrew j simmons.

x x x x x x x x x x


oh man.. i'm so down to buy this shirt!!!

as a former band geek (i prefer band-it) in high school and part of college - i would be proud to wear it.


What the hell is this for?
WHY!!??? WHY!!!?? WHY!!?? Why are there marching kids on your shirt...WHY!?


Threadless is an ongoing tshirt competition. This is an entry into that tshirt competition. My tshirt design was a marching band. My design is shown on a tshirt. QED.


I like everything about this shirt, but it seems a bit overcrowded. I know that it's a marching band, but it's hard to distinguish the individuals. Perhaps if eithere there were fewer members, or if a bolder line was used ... ? I'd still buy it. $5


Another band geek giving it a $5.


i'm a band geek too and i'd give it $5 if my clarinets were represented!
: )

Joan Burroughs

No percussion? I am a band geek and I'd love a band shirt but not this one. Sorry. Please try again. (Don't forget drums next time.)


Nice response, with the QED... some people are just so fussy. Not exactly my style but I'm diggin' it.

"if I could open my mouth wide enough for a marching band to march out..."


OY do I miss band camp, just 5 more months WOO!


There are not enough homage to marching band t-shirts. I love it!

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