The Many Faces of Cool

Watch this

that coolness is too cold

I'm lovin' how the expression never changes


Reminds me of most people on the subway. I like 'em all.


Coolness, if it is supposed to be your current expression needs to be a bigger ribbon and closer to the collar. I'd make the whole thing bigger in general. The shirt seems more depressed than cool.


The fact that they all look depressed is the point... making fun of how its hip to be sulky & posey & dress all in black. I didn't think of coolness being the wearer's expression, its meant to be the 'title' of the drawing if that makes sense.

but yr right, it probably needs to be a little bigger... its hard to tell if the drawing takes up the max space proportional to the little shirts, because they dont give their relative measurements, so I was just trying to not get disqualified for too big a design. I'm not sure i explained that well at all. Haha.


I love this so much.


maybe if there were MORE emotions that had a bigger range - passionate, disparate, energetic, etc - but they were all the same face, and lose the full-body dude, i'd like it. like one of those posters you see in the guidance counselor's office in middle school with that cartoon kid, but they're all the same.


i would disagree with the above comment.
that would take away from the meaning of "cool" this is goinf for,
i.e. brooding indie star (+cough+ Bright Eyes), in which case the variations on one single emotion, which we could call depression or sadness, come out fluently.


Gary Larson's How to Recognize the Moods of an Irish Setter but for gumpy-looking hipsters?


I would like to thank the artist from the bottom of my heart for not simply copying-and-pasting the face as so many others would have done.


Why thankyou!

I want to see this irish setter thing, i found nothing on google... what is it!


I second CuteLittleFaery.
Thank you for drawing each individual expression with slight, but just enough variation.


Haha. I really like this.


ugh, enough of the emo.

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

Am I the only one here whose head it DIDN'T fly right over!?! If you find yourself wondering what this shirt's about then there's a good chance that you're a hipster and you should know - he's making fun of you.

This is the Threadless equivalent of Frank Zappa's "We're Only In It For The Money". Let's hope it's met with more success.

nice job coughcough... you've got my $5.


Haha, cheers rock deputy.

Oh and, I'm a she.

M. Rogers

i know all five of those guys. they live in athens, georgia. they play guitar, i think, and wear jean jackets, and often bring me things like french fries, or coffee, or my check. not for me to wear but easily a 4-5 buck shirt.


Coughcough, the irish setter thing is a Far Side comic by Gary Larson. Boy, I feel old all of the sudden...kinda like the time I said, "Way to go, MacGyver" to this sixteen-year old guy and he looked at me and said, "Who's MacGyver?"

Anyway, it's still a funny joke. I'd buy this shirt.


This shirt makes me feel the way he seems to. Just. Bored.


this? utterly hysterical. $5


Oh my.
I love it.
People like that scare me. ;o!


I though of Moods of an Irish Setter too

pictures of an irish setter with different moods written beneath each one and they are all the same expression

but this is quite different and veryvery funny



Oh Man, The title of this shirt should stay as it is and the design change to a picture of my face. heh heh

I give it a 4


i like this a lot.
a lot a lot.

i'm happy lol, and i give it a $4.

the contorted ram

alot of people have said to add different looking expressions....
i think the whole point is to say that ... the "cool" look [emo look] is to always look the same way no matter how you feel. shrugs ....but i wouldnt want it on a shirt. 3 for the effort.


were you inspired by the royal tenenbaums?


Me being Emo cool myself... I know what i'm saying when I say this design is awsome. 100% Emo Approved!


I think this is so awesome... the emo totally rocks! Excellent job!

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