No Loitering

I hate these kids on my street corner: why would I like them any more on my shirt?

Watch this

cp means retarded in swedish... this is pretty cp.


sick man, its 1993 again.
either you're very old or you live in suburbia.


overall idea 0
overall design 0
I now know what this reminds me of. Does anyone remember the tv show Doug on Nick?


it reminds me of those wack mecca shirts


The guy on our left has broken his left foot.


wow, people are feeling particularly hostile today


i'd have to disagree with uqobacon.

overall idea 0
overall design 3

the idea is well designed, but it is such a poor idea that even an okay design can't save it. better luck next time.


particularly hostle is right, im glad to see some people that are speaking their minds and not just giving an...."oh thats cool". i hope that you guys can be as scrutinizing on other peoples designs.

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