Leftist Tank


Watch this

this will never get printed but it made me laugh so freakin' hard.
... i break for gay rights?


Yeah, this is pretty funny.

Also, it should be "brake," not "break."


I don't wear shirts with grammatical errors, so I'm giving it a 0. Otherwise, I'd give it a $5.


maybe the tank breakdances for gay rights?


the duality of man?

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

funny... in the so bad its good variety.


radio 5?


ha ha hybrid vehicle! ... but i wouldn't wear it...


Lol face. Kubrick would be proud.

Yeah, like the idea, but not the execution. 3.


google tank.
convert to alpha
filter in/out greys.
make squares with witty slogans



If i couldnt say my r's i'd call this QUAP, but i can, so im calling it CRAP! I'd scrap the whole project. the shirt's just..........not a good idea...... especially because you're splitting the vote


i love the idea, but if some actual work was put into i'd buy it.
the bumperstickers look like poo.

Sexy Sadie

it's an awesome idea, i'd so buy it if you fixed the "break" bumper sticker to make more sense...maybe "I brake for gays" ? although that's not terribly clever. maybe just put a rainbow flag on it


Hippies suck! Plus this had been done.


ooooo ouch! i was just about to give you major props for drawing an awesome tank!

but....bleck. i might give it higher than a 1 if you put more effort into drawing those slogan banners....they look so out of place to your traced image.

embrace your poison

If you change "break" to "brake", I will love you and this shirt very very much. ^^ Otherwise, I really couldn't wear it. --;


this is a lame shirt, seriously.
go join the marines kid.


I don't even care about the traced image.
This is just flippin' funny


I get the message, and it definitely had "pow" to the message, but I would never wear something so "in your face".


haiirohana is right. This is a photoshop job which is an RGB format. It won't work well on a t-shirt which needs to be in high resolution CMYK format. I reckon since you did not draw the tank, it took you less than 5hrs to complete. No points from me. Please be original and creative next time.


No, No, The Tank is anti-gay rights, and the very sight of a gay couple happily married would cause the tank to deconstruct into a bunch of metal parts right there on the spot.


learn from the mistakes of others and STOP USING THIS TANK! its kinda funny but thanks all it has going for it... funny=2 style=0... i think im being generous > 1


Unoriginal and waaaaaaaay too political for me.


very much like banksey's work


i love it.
i dont like that you didnt draw the tank... think you should care enough about your ideas to make them fully original. everyone keeps talking about the break being spelled wrong that i've been racking my brain trying to think of it as a play on words... but i cant get anywhere on it. actually, it doesnt really make sense either way you look at it... why would someone stop for gay rights? come up with something a little more catchy than that. but i love the idea.


I love it too. resubmit it with just a gay flag then I'll buy it.


..... i thought it was a peace tank. Not all people who like peace like gays and vice verca.


Amusing, but not something I would ever, ever buy. And "break" instead of "brake"? Oh dear.

Skeemey Mc Skeem

i agree with the milkman... and there are so many things in this sub that go down well with me... the tank is obviously clip art, or has been live traced in CS2...

and I am with scottwy I wouldnt wear this, im sorry but its the truth, dont get upset...

the spelling error cant be used as a play on words, it just doesnt make sense... sorry but ill give you a 1.

Skeemey Mc Skeem

Shit... the part of the message above should have read:

"there are so many things in this sub that DONT go down well with me..."

sorry for the confusion...

kiwi werewolf

lookpolish, at 10:07am on Mar 9, 2006: Also, it should be "brake," not "break."

"No, I swear! My door does swing that way!"
"I totally don't believe you."
"No, no... look! I brake for gays."
man splits in two
"Oh GOD!!!"

Hm. I just made myself laugh for a minute or so with that...

The bumper stickers and flags are just too wonky.


It's a bit Banksy, really...


Break, brake. So close, so close. Yet worth a five if you fix that. Unless you actually split in half for gay rights.....


This just shows how rediculous America is.


Hmm, I really like the idea behind this, but I find that it needs some work on execution, as has been mentioned.

I like the style of the tank illustration, and though I'd love to see you do vector work by hand, I won't vote against you if you just used Live Trace.

But no matter how you illustrated the tank, I'm a bit put off by the fact that the bumper stickers don't show a proper understanding of perspective and (inthe case of the flags) movement.

If you work on the technical details (fix the stickers to be fore shortened, and add proper perspective so they recede back into space, following the planes of the tank as well as working on the text on the flags), marry the two elements (tank and stickers) a little more in terms of color and style, and fix the grammatical/spelling errors I think it'd be something I'd actually purchase and wear.

Not a bad idea, but a little lacking in execution.


This NEEDS to be printed. It's so damn hilarious!

I'd give it a 7 if I could, but for now, 5.

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