Devil's Most Wanted

The poster design it'self is great, but the poster doesn't fit with it, it needs to be wrinkled and as "old" looking as the picture, it would also be great if some of the sides were burned.

I don't know how to really describe it, but hopefully you know what I mean.

Watch this
Jonny Whishbone

I totaly buy this one... oh Threadless comunity... please vote for this one!!! 5$


I'll vote a 4 or 5, because I try to consider others when voting as well. Frankly, I think some people would like it. I as Sweetie said, would like it to be more developed though.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

I realise all of the Jesus freaks are going to go up my ass with a blowtorch for saying this, but I'd like it a whole lot better without the "Devil's Most Wanted" header.


yeah, the only text should be REWARD
..but what's the reward? i say 50 bucks.


devils most wanted....cut that and its a very hot item


You don't need a wanted poster to find Jesus...
He's down in Tijuana with Santa Clause, Bigfoot, the gay Republican and all the other fairy tale characters.


hihi boys & girls....

please give me all your feed back about this shirt design... thank you sooo much


agree with little man, we make fun of those who thought the earth was flat, just think what those 1000 years from now are saying about our silly myth worship. but i like this style of this shirt.


The only difference between the flat-earth times and now is that Christianity's ALWAYS been around, for 2000 years, to be precise, so I don't see what another 1000 could possibly do.

I like it, but I think you should add a touch more realism to the poster (ripped edges and the like) and make the image smaller. Nice job, keep it up.


Please add a crown of thorns. I would love you forever.
Some burn marks around the edges wouldn't hurt either.


I think 'weathered' is the term we're looking for, for the poster. As of right now, it lacks character.


sigh. this is really insulting for viewers who are Christian or believe in Jesus.


I don't believe in heaven or hell, and still think this is one boring shirt


what's w/ all the jesus shirts


Making contraversial shirts is always fun!

-thumbs up- But make it more tattered and "worn."


i don't think it's insulting...and I'm southern baptist haha. And those of you knocking Christianity...cut it out this is about a shirt, not a way of life.


and yes, crown of thorns wuold make it better!


I like and like with the Devils most wanted
and funny how Christians are just "so judgementle" but its ok for everyone to judge Christians........
well done, a little more worn


It lacks of the "weathered" look. it definitely needs to improve in that regard. By the way, what the hell is ABA or what it stands for? If it has nothing to do with the design i would sugggest you t ake it off!


it looks like a youth group t shirt.


I give a five.
And to you, dumbass religious pricks, if you don't like it,
Don't: buy it.
It's that simple.
Don't nag on them for making a brilliant shirt.


^^^ what? I think only 1 person actually said it was religiously offensive.

Airun Jae

I'm a Christian and I enjoy it. I'm going to pretty much agree with everyone else in that it needs more development. Weathered look, Crown of Thorns... and maybe instead of "REWARD" you could put "WANTED".


i like it.
yeah.. needs to be a bit more weathered... normally i dont like jesus shirts, but this one is pretty good. more original than the others.


like everyone else said.. its too square, doesnt fit the gotta work it into place


I agree with all the technical suggestions; it's too square and unweathered, ABA confuses me,(but then again, so does a lot of other junk that gets through the vote) Jeusus should have a thorn crown. The only thing I suggest is to change it from "devil's" to "satan's". I don't call him the devil, it sounds too hillbilly-ish.
Also, I say you should change "reward" to" wanted" and add "GOOD LUCK "where ADA is.

Skipcronin, I hope you get saved REAL soon. If not, I hope those remarks will keep you company 1000 years from now when you realize the truth


Wow, tossing in the insults with the critique, eh?
I'm not for either side of these insults, but here are my comments.

I agree about the headline - use Satan or get rid of it.
Weather the poster more, it looks flat on the shirt.
ABA Presents is no good. Maybe instead it should say, "was last seen at the supper on 3rd street" or something...
His head seems to have white space that is too large. If we're zoomed in on his head, then he shouldn't have that much space on top. Make sense?


i like it. but you should state the reward, like eternal doom or something

New Efficiency

this is offensive to Christianity. Jesus never did anything bad. organised religion however, thats what shoould be on the poster!


This is great
And that without a doubt the best Jesus portrait I have ever seen in my life


nice jesus pic too bad its a totally horrendous shirt and a pathetthic hate-crime!


I'm afraid this one won't make the cut.........there are just too many things wrong with it.......... but a few more hours on the easel, and it'll be good to go!


I saw 100's of the same poster on Google images. How long did it take you to create it ? ( the same time it took you to download it from the internet) ??

Panda Jockey

A hate-crime?!

Wow, ApathyDeception. Where I come from, pulling a black dude out his bed in the middle of the night, hog tieing him and draging him behind your raised pickup truck with the big "God Hates Fags" stickers plastered on the rear window is a hate-crime. This barely constitutes as a critique of Christianity. In fact this might actually be a pretty acurate depiction of one of Christianity's main tennants, that Satan himself attempted to tempt Jesus away from his destiny.

In fact, I would suggest that if the designer is trying to make an anti-christian statement, he might want to start over altogether. At the very least, I would stay away from using the word "wanted," as that implies that the wearer is looking/searching for Christ, presumably to enhance his or her life.

If this is a prochristian message, I think the simple wanted design without references to Satan is best.

However if you wanted to turn it into a pro-christian critique of the the Church's role in American Society as it operates today, which I—as someone who studies modern religion—would classify as more of a tax exempt corporation, changing the word "reward" to "missing" and ditching the line about Satan could be quite effective.

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