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Inspired by recent survey that revealed that more people could name characters from the Simpsons then they could then first amendment rights. Awesome!

'About one in five people thought the right to own a pet was protected'

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and this belongs on a t-shirt because...?


Ignore the above comment, jivemonkey... I think it's great, and is perfect for a shirt (although, unfortunately, people will have to be up to date on current events to get it!).

Perhaps it's because government/social studies classes always seem to be the most boring. I'm sure they taught us this... a couple of times... but no one was awake to learn it.


Cool fact but I'm not sure if it really belongs on a t shirt.


I saw that survey on ChannelOne at school lol.


Reminds me of the simpsons font..?


>Reminds me of the simpsons font..?

I do believe that was the point.


Kapow is an idiot...?

Needs work, though.


thats pretty funny, hahahahha

New Efficiency

Wait the right to own a pet isn't protected ? damn it!

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