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Guy LaDouche

If by gay you mean happy in a heterosexual way...


is anyone else kinda sad how everyone sees a rainbow and immediately thinks it's about something homosexual?
i am.
i like rainbows.


I like rainbows too, but I don't really like this design. But I don't know why... otherwise I would say something helpful.


woah... i made that same rainbow on my crappy Ragnarok server web layout that i made for my friend's server...

if anyone plays ghetto Ragnarok Online servers, check it out here:


I like it. Good job


Man when i see this pseudo 3D done in photoshop on cheep letters slaped over a dumb badly arranged design in ugly screaming collors...


I like it but I don't really like how you have the flask cut away. I think a square would look nicer.

Guy LaDouche

thanks for being constructive stane...


just want to say I like rainbows just fine and don't see anything wrong with them being "gay". people are so uptight

Guy LaDouche

why did voting end? it just got in yesterday...


I like this idea, it could a little sharpening up in ways, but i think its pretttty nifty.

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