making war and bullets count

I love the teal and brown combination!

Watch this

it rocks, when can i buy o


excellent colors...a must have!!!!


I wouldn't buy it just because I don't like guns.. it would be cool if it was a Photographer instead. I like the colors, and the overall design is good, just not my style


Put some reflective hint on the edge of the scope, then is brilliant.


Nice composition, but the curvy reflections
on the barrel and the full circle at the end of the
barrel reminds me of a paintball gun.

So the humongous scope on a paintball gun
is keeping me from scoring this higher
since they don't look like they go together.


i have several guy friends that would buy this in an instant...provided the gun is accurate...which I can't tell cus I'm not a gun-fiend.

nice design though

and helo...its not a paint ball gun 0___o

if it were it should have hopper and CO2 or compressed air tank sticking out of it...PLUS a scope on a paintball gun is sorta pointless/oxymoron (unless you have alot of fancy gadgets on it.)


I will buy it only if you promise that he has a buck in the crosshairs.


Looks sorta like paintball 'cause the scope is so damn huge.




resize it. A bit smaller and it would work!

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

"I don't wear anything with guns on them. It's a nice design, but he should be holding a pickle soaked in mustard."

"Too viloent! Nice design, but couldn't he be holding a small, big-eyed Mexican child and nuzzling his nose in his belly? Maybe do it on black velvet!"

"I wouldn't like it just because I don't like guns. If it was a cabbage with a rat in its bum, I'd buy it."


Nice design. I like it red on black me ownself.


I like the design. I don't know what the FBI would say though.


teal on brown. definitely. $5. if they were to print this i hope they wouldnt print the pink one for girls


maybe put the design in one of the lower corners?


Reminds me of the arcade game Silent Scope. Which was awesome. $5


nice use of negative space

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This is beautiful...the only thing driving me nuts is the perfect circles on the gun. Distort them and its gold.

I really love how you can't see the shooters face.
Poetic justice.


Do a grey and green combo, too! :D


You are have good idea on with this shirt love color shapes $5

shouts Photo Op

I agree with some of the people above.
I would like it a lot better if it was a photographer.


I wouldn't wear it, but the teal and brown combo is awesome!!


I would wear just to see my teacher freak out.


brown with the blue is sweet!


you could turn it into a political statement if you want to just by putting a peace sign in the scope.


I like this shirt as I enjoy shooting...however, I live in DC and would probably be shot wearing this design since the 2002 sniper shootings.

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